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IRC: #anotheralliance on irc.coldfront.net

Tired of looking for the right alliance? Receiving multiple recruitment messages? Looking for the LULZ?? Then Another Alliance is the right place for you!!! You may think, "Wat the hell is Another Alliance?" , "That name sounds weird for an alliance name." , or "WTF??"

You may ask what can Another Alliance do for me? As a member of Another Alliance, you will be given the help that you need. Need a tech deal set up? A trade circle? some kind of aid? Or a new member to CN and your like, "OMGWTF am i supposed to do?" Our ministers and along with other members will help you and will provide first class assistance to you and your nation.

Here is a member that would like to say a few words:

I have taken Another Alliance LULZ for 3 days and the positive effects were noticeable right away. Definitely firmer and fuller. I also feel more energy and more motivated. I read that some of the herbs help joint pain too, which I have. There are many more benefits such as helping prevent heart attacks, clear thinking, etc. The one side effect I have noticed is it makes me sweat, but it doesn't last long, so it's no big deal.

and from another member:

When I first found Another Alliance, I was covered in lice and could barely walk due to the chafing. But after a couple of economic treatments and a few laughs, I have never felt better. I have been taking LULZ for the past 45 days (now on my second bottle). I must say, the results I have seen have been well worth it. For less than a few tech deals, I have seen a huge change in my size and my sex life is better than ever. What more could I ask for? I have increased my stamina and I truly am more confident. I thought the commercials were a joke when I first heard them, but it's actually true about Another Alliance. It really does give you more confidence. Highly recommended!

Our alliance is based off of quality of the members and of course the LULZ. We enjoy having fun while building the alliance to be Uber-Awesome. So the question that you are pondering is, should i join Another Alliance? I have that question answered for you, YES!!!

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Sounds very nice. Very impressive ads, complete with testimonies.

However, I would like to know the identities of the people who said the testimonies and confirm that they were actually said by them.

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