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Irish Alliance


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A newly formed alliance called "Irish Alliance" has been formed and we want as many similar minded greens to join, role up role up! :D to join do the following: click edit my nation, then under the alliance affiliation drop down bar pick specify other and type "Irish Alliance" into it. We are a fledgling alliance and want strentgh in numbers for defending our island :D

When it comes to a charter, religion and government type we are quite open as Ireland is multicultural and has experienced many government types in it's history. A flag is pending

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basicly this is just an idea?

what you need is

1. a flag (which i can make)

2. read some alliance creation guides

3. get protected!

but for now switch into peace mode, before you guys get raided big time

good point, only read the guide after i posted. . . . :(

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