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Electoral Mayhem Strikes Zenith

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An Announcement from Zenith


My fellow Cyber Denizens. I come to you on a grave occasion as Zenith has just suffered through a bout of electoral mayhem. This mayhem swept several ministers and one triumvir out of office and brought with it a new crop of Zenith leaders. Here is a play by play breakdown.

Minister of Defense


In the Minister of Defense race, Brian Reimer, who previously served as Executive Triumvir, fought off attacks by Doctorrodders and SunTzuWannabe, both brilliant opponents, to become Zenith's second Minister of Defense. Our previous Minister of Defense, Suvorov, can now be found serving as Executive Triumvir.

Minister of Development


Historically, the Ministry of Development has been the home of very great minds and has changed hands as the ministers who had previously held that post went on to other positions. This time, Zenith saw a very competitive race between The Joker23, a former two term Minister at Large and Sturtyboy, a former Minister of Finance. Those two fought it out in a very competitive race, and The Joker23 emerged victorious.

Minister of Domestic Affairs


This race was literally down to the wire between DanielJeffery, a founder and a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Zenith and Skippy, a former Minister at Large. Both candidates were very qualified and Zenith would have been lucky to have both of them as MoDA. However, after 48 hours of steep fighting, Skippy emerged victorious. Skippy will have giant shoes to fill as he is replacing iMatt15, a very gifted and talented Minister who took a break from government to combat that enemy known as RL.

Minister of Finance


This race was another bout of 3 way mayhem and saw Gogeta, a founder and a former triumvir returning to government after holding off the relentless assaults of Sulmar, last term's Minister of Development and Xaero, one of Zenith's brightest rising stars. All three candidates put on strong campaigns and Zenith would have been lucky with any of them in government.

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Once again another very close race. KujaSin, last terms Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ferrous, the Iron Man himself and former Deputy MoFA, fought out a very close race. This race had drama and a lot of skill, but Kuja was able to hold off the Iron Man's assault by (possibly by throwing water on him and waiting for him to rust).

That makes Zenith's Goverment for the March-May Term

Executive Triumvir: Suvorov

External Triumvir: Duncan King

Internal Triumvir: Metictype

Minister of Defense: Brian Reimer

Minister of Development: The Joker23

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Skippy

Minister of Finance: Gogeta

Minister of Foreign Affairs: KujaSin

Some of you who are familiar with Zenith's charter will realize that we are missing two positions, the two Ministers at Large. These positions were also a victim of the electoral mayhem that struck Zenith. To prepare for elections, we reformed our charter to make it reflective of how the alliance was actually running. The changes are annotated below:



We, the nations of Zenith, strive for excellence in the world of Cybernations. Therefore only the best and those willing to put forth effort and contribute to the community will be accepted into the Assembly of Zenith.

Article One: Admission and Membership

Admission to Zenith shall be exclusive and very selective.

I. Zenith shall be an White alliance and all nations joining Zenith shall be given 30 days to move to the White Team.

II. Application Process

A. Any nation may request admission to Zenith by making an application containing:

1. Nation Name

2. Nation Ruler Name

3. Past Alliances

4. Current Wars

5. A Link to your Nation

B. Any Assembly member of Zenith may then ask the applicant questions in their application thread.

C. The Minister of Development then will decide whether or not the applicant will be accepted and put into the next step of the application process.

D. After an applicant is accepted they will be put into a 10 day probationary period. During this time they must complete a basic nation building test and a test on rules and regulations of Zenith. Nations under 90 days old will have to be put into the mentor program during their probationary period.

E. After 10 days on probation and successfully completing the tests/mentor program the Minister of Development will decide whether or not the applicant will become a full member, complete another probationary period, or if they will not be accepted.

III. Once a nation has been admitted to the Assembly and has passed its probationary period, it shall have the same rights and privileges as other members of Zenith, including, but not limited to, the right to run for the Council of Ministers, the right to propose amendments to the Charter, and the right to submit a complaint for misconduct against any other member of Zenith to the triumvirate.

Article Two: Government

Zenith shall be ruled by a government consisting of a Triumvirate and a Council of Ministers.

I. Triumvirate

A. Structure: The triumvirate shall be composed of three experienced alliance leaders. The Triumvirs shall be divided up as such:

1. Internal Triumvir: Experienced in Internal Affairs. and responsible for guiding the Internal Affairs of the alliance, whether they be trade, nation growth, or financially related.

2. External Triumvir: Experienced in Foreign Affairs and responsible for guiding the Foreign Affairs of the alliance, whether they be treaty, diplomacy or conflict related.

3. Executive Triumvir: Experienced in many areas of expertise and responsible for ensuring that the overall climate of the alliance is as effective and efficient as it can be.

B. Powers: The triumvirate shall decide the actions of the alliance by a majority vote including:

1. Foreign Treaties

2. Declarations of War

3. Laws and Policies

B. Powers: The triumvirate shall serve as the Head of State of the alliance and is responsible for ensuring that the systems in the alliance are operating as well as possible. The triumvirate may act unilaterally in certain situations including:

1. Responses to attacks on Zenith or its members

2. Temporary cease fires in conflicts

3. Authorization of nuclear first strikes

Additionally, the Triumvirate shall serve as the final authority in the alliance and shall have veto power on all actions, unless otherwise dealt with in the charter.

C. Term of Office: The triumvirate at the time of ratification of the charter shall serve indefinitely in good behavior and its members may only be removed if they step down willingly or if 75% of the Council of Ministers votes to remove them. If a triumvir needs to be absent for a period of time not exceeding one month, the triumvir may appoint someone to serve in the interim. If a triumvir needs to be absent for a period of more than one month or chooses to step down, they may appoint their permanent replacement. the remaining triumvirs in consultation with the council of ministers will appoint a new triumvir.

II. Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers shall be composed of five elected Department Ministers, each specializing in a different department, and two Ministers at large appointed by the triumvirate.

A. The five elected Ministers

1. Overview: The membership of Zenith shall elect five Department Ministers, each specializing in a different area of expertise and overseeing a particular area of the alliance's operation.

a. Minister of Defense: Responsible for all areas involving the military and war administration and planning including the training of soldiers, the creating of battalions, and the conducting of wars.

b. Minister of Development: Responsible for recruitment, coordinating the mentor program, and coordinating nation building with the Minister of Finance. Responsible all areas involving the recruiting and educating of the members of Zenith including the recruiting of members, the operating of the Zenith Academy, the advising of Zenith members about how best to grow, and the organizing of growth aid with the Minister of Finance.

c. Minister of Domestic Affairs: Responsible for the internal environment of the alliance including forums, rosters, and trades. Responsible for all areas involving the internal climate of the alliance including maintaining the alliance forums and roster and assisting the members of Zenith with finding trades.

d. Minister of Foreign Affairs:Responsible for conducting foreign relations with other alliances and negotiating treaties. Responsible for collaborating with the External Triumvir in the area of Foreign Affairs including maintaining embassies and negotiating foreign treaties, and communicating with other alliances.

e. Minister of Finance:Responsible for conducting aid falls, tech deals, and coordinating nation building with the Minster of Development. Responsible for managing the financial environment including organizing aid falls, tech deals, and the funding of nation growth programs organized by the Minister of Development.

2. Selection: The Department Ministers shall be elected by the membership and will serve for a period of three months. If there is ever a vacancy for a Minister position, the triumvirate shall have the power to appoint someone to fill the vacant position.

B. The Ministers at Large

1. Overview: The triumvirate of Zenith shall appoint two Ministers at Large to serve as advisers to the Department Ministers and the triumvirate. These officials shall not be bound to running any specific department and shall be able to assist wherever they see the need.

2. Powers: Each Minister at Large shall receive one vote on the Council of Ministers. They shall be equal in power to the Department Ministers.

3. Selection: The triumvirate, in consultation with the elected council of ministers shall appoint the two ministers at large immediately following elections and these officials shall serve until the next election is held. Should a position of a Department Minister become vacant, the triumvirate shall have the option to appoint a Minister at Large to fill the vacancy.

C. The Decision Making Process

1. Overview: The Triumvirate and the Council of Ministers shall work together to make decisions that greatly affect the alliance including:

a. The signing of foreign treaties

b. The declaration of war and the drafting and acceptance of surrender terms

c. Alliance wide laws and policies

2. Process: Both the Triumvirate and the Council of Ministers shall play a part in the governing of the alliance and will pass legislation by a double majority. A double majority is required for the passage of treaties, the declaration of war, and the adoption of alliance wide laws and polices. A double majority is a majority vote of both the Triumvirate and the Council of Ministers voting within their separate bodies. Government members shall have 48 hours to cast their votes and if a government member fails to cast his or her vote, the vote shall be treated as an abstention and the votes shall be tallied as if the position of the member who was absent did not exist.

III. Elections

A. Interval: Elections shall be held every three months for the Department Ministers.

B. Duration: The election process shall have the following duration:

1. Two day nomination period.

2. Two day campaign/debate period.

3. Two day voting period.

C. Process: Any member of Zenith in good standing shall be eligible to run for any office in Zenith. A person may run for more than one Minister position and should the member win an election for more than one office, they shall have the choice of which office they would like to serve in and the runner up for the second office shall hold that position. If this leaves a Minister position vacant, the triumvirate shall appoint someone to serve the term.

IV. Regent

A. Appointment of a Regent: A Regent is selected with a 2/3 vote by majority vote of the Triumvirate and confirmed with a majority vote in the Council of Ministers. A Regent is meant to assist both the Triumvirate and the Council and it is essential that he or she have a good relationship with both. Because of this both parties are involved in the selection.

B. Power of a Regent: While the position calls for someone to make executive decisions and assist the Triumvirate in many capacities, a Regent will not function as an overseer for the Ministers. He or she may make suggestions that are to be seriously considered, but the day to day running of the Ministries is not the Regent's forte. Instead, the Regent will focus on the overall well being of the alliance by making executive decisions and functioning as an assistant and backup to the Triumvirs.

C. Terms of a Regent: A Regent will serve indefinitely once appointed unless he or she resigns or is removed with votes by the Triumvirate and Council of Ministers. The Regent shall serve indefinitely in good behavior but may be removed by either the majority vote of the Triumvirate or the Council of Ministers. This allows the Regent to be a logical replacement should a Triumvir resign or need to take a leave of absence. However, it is not required for a Triumvir to choose the Regent as a temporary or permanent replacement.

D. Removal of a Regent: A Regent may be removed with a 2/3 vote by the Triumvirate and with a majority vote by the Council of Ministers.

Article Three: War and Peace

Zenith shall be a predominately peaceful alliance but shall not hesitate to defend itself or assist its allies if needed.

I. War in General: No member of Zenith shall engage in any aggressive attacks or spy missions that are not explicitly authorized by the triumvirate with the advice of the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs. Situations in which aggressive military action may be authorized include but are not limited to alliance wide wars, defense against rogue attacks, and regulated tournaments conducted with the supervision of the Minister of Defense. If a member of Zenith is attacked, that member has the right to defend themselves.

II. Alliance Wide Wars: The triumvirate shall have the sole power to declare war on another alliance. The decision to declare war must be made by a unanimous vote of the triumvirate, with the advice of the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs. Once the triumvirate has chosen to declare war, the declaration must be posted on the Cybernations Forums to take effect. In cases of aggressive war, the government as a whole shall have a power to declare war and shall do so by a majority vote of the Triumvirate and a majority vote of the Council of Ministers. In situations where the safety as Zenith or its members, such as attacks on Zenith or its members from rogue nations or aggressive alliances, the Triumvirate may unilaterally declare war on the attacker and start to mobilize the Zenith military to the defense of the alliance. After the triumvirate government has authorized the war, the Minister of Defense shall be responsible for conducting it. Decisions about peace and surrender terms shall be made by the triumvirate, with the advice of the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs majority vote of the triumvirs and Ministers. The triumvirate shall have the right to order a temporary ceasefire by majority vote but more lasting terms must be made by the aforementioned process.

III. Individual Nation Wars: In the event that a member of Zenith comes under attack by a single nation not acting as a part of an alliance wide war, the nation attacked shall have the right to defend itself. If the nation attacking is unaligned, that nation can be dealt with to the full extent of the military. If the nation attacking is aligned, diplomatic means shall be used to resolve the dispute first and if diplomatic means are exhausted, military means may be used.

IV. Nuclear Weapons: Zenith shall not carry out a first strike nuking unless it is approved by the Triumvirate under the advisory of the Minister of Defense.

Article Four: Disciplinary Action

The triumvirate shall be the judicial body in the alliance.

I. Punishable Conduct: The triumvirate shall have the power to discipline members of Zenith for breaking the charter and for inappropriate or disruptive conduct.

II. Punishment: The triumvirate shall have the power to implement any punishment which it feels is proportionate to the offense up to and including permanent zero-infrastructure through war. The Council of Ministers shall have the ability to overrule the decision of the triumvirate by a 5/7 majority vote.

III. Triumvir Misconduct: In the case of triumvir misconduct, the Council of Ministers shall have the power to remove a triumvir from power by a 75% vote.

IV. Department Minister and Minister at Large Misconduct: In the case of misconduct by either Department Ministers or Ministers at Large, the triumvirate may vote to remove the Minister perpetrating the misconduct by a majority vote. This removal may not be reversed by the Council of Ministers.

Article Five: Amendments

I. Any member of Zenith may propose amendments to the Charter of Zenith.

II. A 5/7 majority vote of the Council of Ministers and a majority vote of the triumvirate is required to ratify amendments to the charter.

Article Six: Disbandment

To merge Zenith with another alliance or disband it, a 5/7 majority vote of the Council of Ministers and a majority vote of the triumvirate is required. The merger or disbandment must then be approved by a 2/3 vote of the total membership of Zenith.

Congrats to the new government and thanks to everyone that took part in the charter redraft and the elections. We had 42 of 80 members vote, so 50% turnout! :awesome:

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I was about to say: "Oh too bad Ferrous didn't get elected :(". But then I saw it was Kuja, so I got confused about how I felt about it :P

You're just too awesome Zenith :D

Traitors will be punished :o:P

Ferrous ran a good campaign and he is welcomed back to the position as my Deputy ^_^

Also congrats to my fellow Zenithians who ran. Truly it was the best we've had thus far!

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Congratulations to my friends in Zenith. Although you're missing a sexy name (Ferrous) up there somewhere. :P

I thought we had something special... :P

Edited by Sulmar
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