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Announcement From The Black Peace Society


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Hello Everyone! I am Shadowman, king of Black Peace Society. I would like to extend an invitation to all nations all over CN to come and be Apart of a new and rising Alliance. Our forums are http://z3.invisionfree.com/Black_peace_society We will accept all nations! New member aid Starts at 2 millon dollars! Must be a member for ten days to recieve the aid. Diplomats feel free to come and register. We look foward to you

I. Pricinciple:

The Black Peace Society is a place where nations come, grow, and prosper. We are a peaceful alliance that hopes to grow along in freedom in the black team color. Here we hope to help nations gain the expierence and knowledge all great nations need to know. We are a higly trained militralized alliance. We hold our Defense and Economy in the Highest regards. "Together we stand...Together they Fall"

II. Government:

Chain of Command:


Kings Advisor

Head of Defense

Head of Internal Intelligence

Head of Foreign Intelligence

Head of Commerce

Senate(5 members)

King of The Society

The King of The Black Peace Society is a responsible and strong leader. The kings word supercede all. The king has a right to overight decisions made by the lower level government. The king has the right to remove or take action against a rule breaker in the Alliance. Kings will be replaced if they resigned by an individual he recommends or is voted in by the Government. Kings decide the fate of the alliance in times of war or tradgedy. Helps take part in lower government activities

Kings Advisor

Works with King. Helps decide new laws. Helps take part in all government activities. Usually next to be King

Head of Internal Intelligence

The head of intelligence decides wether or not you can aid with a nation outside of the alliance. This person is second in command, and if the king is absent, can make emergency decisions. His voice can be overidden by a king. Also works with the Head of Defense to decide if an enemy nation is worthy of The Society's "ZI/reps List"

Head of Defense

3rd in Command. Decides if a nation within the alliance is allowed to tech raid or attack another nation. The Head of Defense will make target list in times of war and inform the alliance of the current defense situations at the time. Works with the Head of intelligence to decide if an enemy nation is worthy of the Society's "ZI/reps List". Checks out Nations regularly to make sure they arent in wars, using nukes, spying or have any of the such being used on them.

Head of Foreign Intelligence

5th in Command. Decides and goes over who joins the alliance. Leads the Diplomatic team, who visit other alliances and befriend them. Writes treaties and signs MDP's, MADP's, and PIAT's. Must have Kings approval and signing to create/accept/decline all treaties.

Head of Commerce

6th in Command. Controls the flow of money/tech/donation deals in the alliance. Works with the Head of defense in times of War to decide where aid needs to go. Controls Aid Chains and the Aid Programs in effect.


5 total senators. Decides the fate of rule breakers in BPS. Vote on New laws made by kings.

All government members work together to better the alliance and help all members with problems, suggestions, or complaints. The government is to not be mistreated.

Together we Stand, Together they fall

Written and Signed by the King of The Society: Shadowman

We are looking for New members. Like i said, New member aid starts at 2 millon dollars. We offer you a home, and much more. Just come check us out. We hope to bring the Black team higher

Edited by Shadowman
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