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Empathy of the Emperor


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"Tell me Barbara, what do I have to do today?"

"Well, sir, aside from a press conference concerning the latest uptake in population spike, due to the birth rate skyrocketing -"

"Well cancel it dammit, I'm taking a personal day. The Birthrate can wait a day or two - it won't get much higher."

"Very well, sir."


The Emperor strolled through his personal underground bunker, heading towards his study. He had done nothing the entire day, except for lounge around, and read a book. After hours of doing the above, he decided that he could at least try out the new-fangled game that has half of the Timoresian youth population aflame with, World of Genericcraft, or at least that's how he perceived it.

He started up his computer, going through numerous security measures, all of which which succeeded in making his head throb worse than it already had been for the entire day. GlassPane Wrista©, his OS greeted him: "Welcome, EmperorMacDaddy-two-six-two." - his user name. He hit the necessary .exe for the game, and was greeted with a friendly, if not somewhat simple, UI for character creation.

After browsing through the various character types, and character type-specific classes, he settled on a Generic Gnome Warrior. Immersing himself in the game for several, the Emperor sat glued to the screen until his secretary Barbara had called for him.

"What the bloody hell do you want? My dps is finally at 278, and my mrc isn't fast enough for my fhr, or my fcr!"

"What the hell? What does that eve- Nevermind. Sir, we're going to need you to do the press conference for the Birth Rate. Parents are getting mad."

"Sedate them then, I don't have time. I need to log onto Ductrilo to talk to my party. I'll give the press conference tomorrow, now please, excuse me."

OOC: Incredibly bored, and I decided I needed to flesh Biohazard out a bit.

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