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AC Meeting Room - New Cymru

A new man showed up into the meeting room. He wore a military uniform and dark glasses. He sit his briefcase on the table and pulled out a folder. Then he walked up to Lieutenant-General Archer, the New Cymru representative of the AC, and spoke.

The Republic of Tanis requests to enact this operation immediately, but first, we need permission to set up here in New Cymru. The cover is to make it seem we're enacting an AC war training exercise. We hope you understand the urgency.


Various Locations, Republic of Tanis - Classified

200,000 troops and 1,200 tanks have been called up for immediate departure from Tanis to New Cymru for war game exercises. A ship out would begin in 12 hours. Five tanker, thirty air logistics, three air control and command, four AWACS, fifteen bomber, and twenty-five combat air wing personnel were requested to head to New Cymru within the next 72 hours.

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In some last minute changes, the colonel received orders in the first wave of planes arriving in New Cymru. He called Colonel Peterson,

We have a change in plans, we're reducing force commitment for the exercise by 35%. The rest will not be departing Tanis as planned. We know you understand the situation. Tanis is grateful for your friendship.

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