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Decree from the Oceanic Alliance


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Josshill walks up to the podium and pretends to move some papers around, but everyone knows he is just winging it

Hello my fellow people of Planet Bob. Its been a while since I gave everyone a "State of the Alliance" Speech. So I though I would announce this along with our new government members. First off, I would like to Announce, RememberNever, Our new Minister of Ship Management (Internal Affairs). He is a great guy, Who I plan to work with for a very long time. Also, CptBlck, Our Newest regent, Me and CptBlck have known each other for a while now, and when he left Another Alliance, He made a straight hop to the Oceanic Alliance, where I knew his experience would serve us greatly as a Regent. The third Newest Government member I would like to announce is Fredrick the Great, Fred has great potential and is looking to be a great Minister of Good Fishing(Economy).

On other notes, The Oceanic Alliance is about to pass up the 100K Nation Strength. We plan on continuing to grow our small and keeping up our tech selling; Currently at about 2000 tech per 10 days. Athens as normal has been very helpful and I would like to thank them for the Help, Advise and Everything Nice.

The Oceanic Government:

Josshill - Emperor

CptBlck - Slave master Regent of DerPrinz

DerPrinz - The Slave Regent

Guapo - Regent of Oo You dont live in Puerto rico?

RememberNever - Minister of Ship Management

Beltezar - Minister of Raging Storms

Fredrick the Third - Minister of Good Fishing



Emperor of the Oceanic Alliance

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