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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

Once a Devildog, always a Devildog

On August 28, 2008, the New Pacific Order gave amnesty as part of our anniversary celebration to several of our former enemies, including the Devil Dogs, who had attacked our forums. Now, when Jarheads formed, we noted they appeared to be a reroll of Devil Dogs, but that was cool; we had no problem with it.

Now some alliances take advantage of second chances and some don't. Turns out Jarheads/Devil Dogs didn't. Besides betraying our friends in IRON, they had planned to take us out. Now normally with an alliance this size we probably wouldn't do anything other than require the expulsion of those who did the planning and ZI them. However, since this is essentially the Devil Dogs reincarnated, they have earned the right to feel our wrath yet a second time.

The New Pacific Order hereby declares war on the Jarheads.

May Admin have mercy on your souls, for we shall have none.

Signed this 28th day of February 2009,

Emperor Revenge

Divine Bovine Overlord

New Pacific Order

Moo-cows with guns


4:37pm] Iamthey[iRON]: [18:18] <~MCRABT[iRON]> http://s52.photobucket.com/albums/g31/antw...=Devildogs2.jpg

[4:37pm] Iamthey[iRON]: [18:18] <~MCRABT[iRON]> http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g31/antwine/Devildogs.jpg

[4:37pm] Iamthey[iRON]: The leader of the Jarheads is a re-roll from devil dogs

[4:37pm] VektorZero: They are re-rolls Moo

[4:37pm] VektorZero: of the people that tried to screw with us

[4:37pm] Iamthey[iRON]: He holds a grudge and essentially had a crazy plan to wipe you out

[4:38pm] Iamthey[iRON]: they are niave, but the intentions are the same

[4:38pm] Krash[iRON]: We are informing you that We are no longer protecting them andwe beleive the are conspiring against you

[4:38pm] MCRABT[iRON]: Fireblade 4k is Jarheads ex VP Moo

[4:38pm] MCRABT[iRON]: LordNightmare is the servinG Pres

[4:39pm] Iamthey[iRON]: as well as the one who is driving the plan

[4:46pm] Moo-Cows: and we know they are former Devildogs how?

[4:47pm] MCRABT[iRON]: LordNightmare has told me on a previous occasion

[4:47pm] Iamthey[iRON]: Their president's name is devil-dogs and and he told us

[4:47pm] Iamthey[iRON]: yes

[4:47pm] Iamthey[iRON]: nation name rather

[4:47pm] Moo-Cows: ok

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: log dump:

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:46:06 PM] xxxx says: What if i told you

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:46:10 PM] xxxx says: we have 6000more people that have agreed

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:46:15 PM] xxxx says: to join jarheads

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:46:24 PM] Shan says: I would want to know your home forum

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:46:32 PM] xxxx says: We do not use Forums atm

[x4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:46:40 PM] xxxx says: through Youtube

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:47:16 PM] Shan says: then I'd highly doubt you could even get a 10th of that but regardless, carry on.

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:47 PM] xxxx says: We are devildogs

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:47:30 PM] xxxx says: and nightmares plan

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:47:38 PM] xxxx says: was to recruit these people

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:47:46 PM] xxxx says: and attempt to be the "anti-christ" of cybernations

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:47:56 PM] xxxx says: so essentially

[4:48pm] MCRABT[iRON]: [12:48:00 PM] xxxx says: you guys are funding the upper class

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