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The "We have had a treaty for a year and a half and haven't upgraded it until now" Treaty!


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When the Mushroom Kingdom first founded a year and a half ago (and some change), we almost immediately hit it off with a few alliances. One of those alliances was a rather notable, and extremely sexy, Blue Sphere Alliance that had a Trinity that was irresistible. And so, in July of 2007, in the now derelict forum of communication, we announced our friendship in the form of the "Shrooms With Cake" ToA with Genesis. Then came the Unjust War, where the Mushroom Kingdom was forced to abandon all her treaties after fighting on the side opposite her newfound friends. However, the strength of our friendship was so strong that, when that term was listed, the Kingdom successfully negotiated to have the treaty remain in effect. Then some things happened, yadda yadda yadda, and HERE WE ARE! Don't mind the huge freaking gap between July 2007 and February 2009 (18 months I'm told, but hey - who's counting?) :P. And so, without further ado, it is my honor and privelige to present the following long overdue upgrade to the Treaty of Amity between the Mushroom Kingdom and Genesis...


The "We have had a treaty for a year and a half and haven't upgraded it until now" Treaty!


Recognizing our strong friendship, our common dedication to success, and to of course ensure the safety of both alliances from external attacks, Genesis and the Mushroom Kingdom agree to these terms of mutual defence.

Article I

Both signatories recognize that this pact is not a merger of the two alliances, and that both alliances will retain their full and complete sovereignty. Neither signatory shall take any action that could potentially infringe on the sovereignty of the other.

Article II

Both signatories recognize the importance of strong and constant communication both during war and in peace and will remain in contact through IRC, on forums, and/or through another means of communication. If either signatory receives information detailing a threat towards the other (direct aggression, threat of war, espionage, etc), they are obliged to inform them immediately.

Article III

Any direct attack on either signatory should be seen as an attack on both, and thus initiating the mobilization of both signatories' armed forces (this includes espionage and rogue attacks). Both signatories are obliged to provide military and financial aid to the other if requested.

The respective parties are not obliged to offer assistance should either signatory alliance become involved in a conflict via other treaties with other alliances or blocs. Either signatory alliance may offer assistance in such an event but any assistance would be voluntary.

Article IV

If one party finds itself as an instigator in a conflict, the other party may join in if they feel the cause is valid, and the conduct just. Otherwise they may refuse services.

Article V

Neither signatory will take actions that could potentially damage the other. Neither will provide aid or sanctuary to any enemy of the other signatory despite their relationship with that enemy. Neither will engage in attacks, either through military or espionage, against the other and will work to resolve any disputes that may from time to time emerge between their respective members.

Article VI

If either signatory wishes to terminate these accords, they must provide the other with at least 48 hours notice, at which time both signatories will enter into discussions to determine if reasons for termination can be resolved. If they cannot, the termination of the accords will proceed 48 hours from the date of announcement. Any violation of these accords is grounds for immediate termination, but discussion to resolve the problem is strongly encouraged.

Signed for Genesis,

Templar, Trinity

flygirl, Trinity

empirica, Trinity

Mergerberger, Minister of Foreign Affairs

PierreG, Minister of Internal Affairs

Kingwolf, Minister of Recruitment

MrSpackle, Minister of Communications

Retriloumis, Minister of Defense

Signed for the Mushroom Kingdom,


King of the Mushroom Kingdom


Prince of the Mushroom Kingdom


Lord High Envoy


Lord High Vanguard


Lord High Treasurer

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