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A New Home


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A new Legislative Building was in the process of being constructed by army engineers. That would take a few weeks at the very least so the Senate and House of Representatives utilized the two biggest theaters in the city. President Pack and the executive staff were accommodated in one of the city's luxury hotels. Several days had gone by since the start of the evacuation. Military engineers and private contractors were working around the clock to construct homes. These were mostly sturdy single family suburban homes to be provided free of charge to a family as per the National Relocation Act. That was the last bill passed by congress in the former USNA. Now military units and police patrolled the streets with the declaration of martial law. As per the NRA all able bodied males were temporarily drafted for civil service and assigned according to skills and needs. Currently the most pressing of which was housing and industry development seeing as there was a shortage of homes and jobs. Alaska still held an abundance of natural resources to be tapped. A good opening was the oil and natural gas industry. The former government of Okhrana apparently didn't tap as much of it as they should have as it was currently barely enough to support the current population let alone the influx of millions more people. Food was abundant as that was one of the prioritized items to be transported. The situation was holding some promise. Hopefully it would sort out soon.

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We welcome our new neighbors over the strait. We would like to know if they need any help settling in to the cold environment

While we thank you for the offer it is just a simple matter of moving West. Our nation will pull through this.

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This paper is the groundwork for a new static national defense network. With the loss of most secure defense networks as the result of the Saborian (now Canada) invasion the USNA must rebuild it's military infrastructure immediately to be able to counter another invasion. Such an invasion would, in the short term, most likely come from Canada. It is important that the eastern border be fortified to a level much higher than the previous eastern and even southern border fortifications. A minefield four miles in depth is proposed to start half a mile from the border. One mile after will be the main defense network with man made rugged terrain and fortifications. Air defense and artillery emplacements will be required to provide added measures of protection. The building plans enclosed are projected to withstand a full Canadian assault for at least one week allowing time for reserves and the national guard to mobilize.

Given the relatively small amount of beaches that can accommodate large amounts of military forces an amphibious invasion is not as likely but not impossible. It is recommended by this commission that as many anti-ship emplacements as possible be constructed on various inlets and islands. Each site must accomodate at least one battery of anti-ship missiles and a defense company in order to defend against attempts to sabotage the sites. Expansion of light missile armed patrol ships is also being considered. While not really capable of stopping a whole enemy fleet it ought to provide some measure of harassment against enemy landing attempts.

Measures against air and cyber-warfare must also be initiated. While the Air Force has the main mission of defending our airspace it cannot always be relied upon to intercept enemy bombers and ground attack aircraft, especially in the face of heavy hostile fighter cover and enemy anti-aircraft weapons. A three layer national air defense system is proposed to be completed as soon as possible. Radar coverage will extend over the entire nation as well as 200 miles over the borders. Airspace will be divided up into three sectors; low, medium and high. Low airspace sectors will primarily be the responsibility of short range, rapid fire anti-aircraft guns and missiles which will be required to engage enemy low flying fighter bombers and ground support aircraft. The medium airspace sector will be covered by missiles and long range precision anti-aircraft guns. The high airspace sector will be defended by long range missiles and be responsible for intercepting high altitude strategic bombers that operate in that zone.

Several large cyber-warfare facilities must be created with each being able to assume command over the network itself to provide a measure of redundancy. National cyber-warfare units are to remain under the control of the Air Force although each military service may acquire their own systems provided they are proven to be compatible.

The Saborian invasion has also revealed an inherent lack of manpower availability for the armed services against a much larger opponent with similar technological capabilities. It is recommended that at this point mandatory military service be implemented for three to four years and as all members of the military are still in reserve after active duty and must attend basic training twice a month it would allow for a good manpower net and possibly a militia until a regular military unit arrives.



Brown, Jonathan


Peters, Karl

General of the Army

P. Marshall, Richard

General of the Air Force

O'Neil, Jacob

Admiral of the Navy

King, Chester

General of the Marine Corps

Hawkins, Smith

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Procinctia looks forward to working with a stable Alaskan neighbor, perhaps even forming permanent relations between the Aleutian Islands and the Alaskan mainland.

It would be good for both of our nations to start diplomatic relations. We're open to exchanging ambassadors.



Every aspect of the nation seems to be normalized. Homelessness is down from even pre-war levels. Unemployment is at a low 1.6%. Industry is beginning to get geared up but most factories have been completed. Regarding military status it is up to pre-war levels. Adequate facilities are available for military needs. All suggestions delivered in the national defense network report are currently underway. Mandatory military service will be announced and implemented soon as well as forming the necessary agencies and processing capabilities.

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