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[CNRPR] Neo Olympia opens a freeport in pacifica city.

Vasili Markov

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In the interests of stimulating international trade Neo Olympia has declared the city of Pacifica a Freeport.

The following regulations apply to the Freeport.

1: All goods that trans-ship in Pacifica city harbour will not be subject to any Olympian tax. However our cargo handling facilities must be used to obtain this tax break. (The cost of transferring cargo between ships is at a 10% discount from the world standard price)

2: All goods that are imported into Neo Olympia from the free port of Pacifica only attract half the standard import tax if the company has an office in Pacifica.

3: Tourists in Pacifica city will be exempt from entry and exit tax.

4: Foreign owned companies will be expected to hire no less than 75% of their employees in Pacifica city from local citizens.

5: Dangerous Goods transiting are only to be held in secured areas of the port. The provision of security of these areas will be provided by our police department at no cost for most goods (Class B Weapons are the exception with addition precautions required, see below).

6: Weapons trading

a. Class A. Chemical warfare agents, Biological warfare agents & Nuclear weapons

Trade of these goods is permitted only if the actual transfer is conducted in international waters.

For safety and security reasons these weapons will not be allowed into Neo Olympian territory to prevent accidents.

b. Class B. Missiles, Tanks, Aircraft, Ships & other heavy vehicles

Trade is permitted but extra heavy security must be provided at the sellers expense and these goods must be stored in the secured area of the port. For security reasons ammunition must be stored separate to the vehicle and not within easy reach of said vehicle(s).

c. Class C. Millitary grade personal weapons & man portable heavy weapons

Trade is permitted but these goods must be stored in the secured area of the port.

d. Class D. Civilian grade firearms

Unrestricted trade

e. Class E. Collectable antique weapons (not covered by higher Classes, e.g.: an antique tank is still a tank and Class B )

Unrestricted trade

7: Foreign warships will only be permitted to visit if the nation that owns them has no active wars, if hostilities commence the warships of the belligerent parties will be expected to leave port within 36 hours or be impounded for the duration of the war.

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