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Golden Sabres are Growing!


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Greetings from the Golden Sabres!

I wanted to everyone know that Golden Sabres is in full recruiting mode.

As Monarch of Golden Sabres I would like to extend a personal invitation to check out our alliance. You can find out more about us on our Wiki:


Some quick points:

1. We are a parliamentary government.

2. We are here to have fun and make friends.

3. We don't support being a jerk to others.

4. We believe in sovereignty for both our member nations and our alliance.

And you are welcome to come to our boards and ask questions:


If you are an IRC junkie like the rest of us, you can find us on SynIRC in #GS, where we can chat about joining Golden Sabres or just BS for a while.

We look forward to having you with us in the near future!

RoseBlood of BloodLand

Monarch of Golden Sabres

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