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I recently restarted my nation, so I went from 7,000 str to 0. I am a diplomat, a good one at that. I could be of use as I was when I was the Commander of Foreign Affairs in 2 alliances. I would be an asset to any alliance.

I wait for your replies.

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out,

Wh-wh-wh-wh-what's it all about?

The Foriegn Division is an alliance of just over 60 members, we are extremely well organised and with a good mix of new nations and those with experience from other alliances (such as \m/, NADC).

We are fully democratic and there are always opportunities to contribute to the organisation.

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How small?

in reply to nunr, we are with 11 men at this moment

he hasnt given any info so ill do it for him :)

our full alliance name: The Alliance of Paladin Soldiers

average strength: 21,400

we have a very active forum, more active then a lot of other alliances with 5 times the members i think

because we are so small we joined the hansetic league, where we are protected by Norden Verein

in war situations our members can choose for themself if they want to help NoV with fighting, they are not forced

here is our forumlink, where you also can find our charter at Welcome!


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Hum, after their 'Comming out' in the forums TAPS is in full force.

I can not find a single recruiting thread in which they are not posting and often before me :)

But all is well as TAPS and us are allies and will back each other in war no matter what.

We are a small alliance of 21 members. We have been here for quite a while but have grown slowly.

We emphasize the war aspects, and participated in GW4 along our allies.

We have so many allies its becoming a big task to track them all or to keep tabs and maintain contact.

I as the king have been the chief diplomat and it is wearing me down, help is welcome.

We originally started out as an Aqua alliance, and although no longer over 50% Aqua I still consider us and Aqua allaince and try to maintain some contact with our Aqua friends. We have a ToA with Fark, and try to maintain good relations with MHA, NATO and ICON. I have not been able to keep as much contact as I would like.

The other sphere of friends is a group of allies dating from before GW3, when Nordreich, The Syndicate, GDA, FCO and the PoC fought together. Nordreich evolved into Norden Verein, The Syndicate formed the seeds of Nueva Vida, and FCO and GDA have MADP's with NoV. We are currently part of the Hanseatic League, and keep close contact with NoV protectorates such as TAPS.

Our larger sphere of friends include Iron, the Illuminati, the Orders and their allies. it just multiplicates from there.

Anyway. The MDP and MADP web is a mess. I dont have time to bump threads, provide statuses, go to IRC and chat, push for more treaties... but you could.

Think about joining us.

King Vitauts.

Protectorate of Curland

P.S: Which alliances did you do diplomatic work for? have you participated in any wars?

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Hum, after their 'Comming out' in the forums TAPS is in full force.

I can not find a single recruiting thread in which they are not posting and often before me :)

its my personal honour to post in every thread, im a bit ashamed that nunr posted in this one before i could :P

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You could join HoG. Our Ministry of Foreign Relations could use more people.

Yeah I know Ryan!

As of now I am the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Thank you for your offers, if you need me, let me know.

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