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Kaldonian Emmisary greet the world


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The Kaldonian Emissary, an older man with a greying beard, and his escort, all carrying at their sides their ceremonial swords, descend from the mountains they had made their home for the past decade. They travel to each of the local nations, offering samples of the bounty of Kaldonia and describing to the world who the Kaldonian people are and what they have to offer.

In the wars of the last decade, a small group of people, all students of the Tao with various origins, banded together in common cause, to seek enlightenment. In the Rocky Mountains, through living with the land, meditation, tai chi, and Kenjutsu, they believe they have found it. Now they feel ready to meet the world again.

"Kaldonia is a developing nation, and we could make good use of any aid offered. We desire trade partners, to bring back goods that we cannot produce ourselves, and to share our sweet wine and our delicious spices with the world. And we desire cultural exchange, to share the enlightenment we have found and to find that discovered by others. We are a peaceful people, but stand ready to defend ourselves if forced to. Overall, we desire harmony, for that is the way of enlightenment."

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