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Allied Rebel Nations is born!


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Hello, I wanted to let you know about Allied Rebel Nations (ARN).

ARN was born on January 27, 2009 (1/27/09). I KingemO93 made it for the following reasons:

1. No matter how big or small you can fit in here.

2. To prove that when given a chance everyone can be great.

3. To have an alliance that don't only focus on being great but having fun while we do it!

I hope that i get some great members and some good foreign friends as well! So come and join or come and be friends!

Other Alliance Information:

Our Forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Allied_Rebel_Nations/index/

Our IRC Channel: #ARN on the coldfront

Our Current Government (Updated when new added or removed):

Premier - KingemO93

Vice Premier - Lord Sir23

Deputy Bishop - Lord Valor

Defense Bishop - GCSCannon

Recruit Bishop - (empty)

Finance Bishop - Prince Syaoran

Education Bishop - (empty)

Diplomacy Bishop - (empty)

Councilmen - lords of death

Councilmen - DirectorSmall

Councilmen - Sibley The Greatest

Councilmen - (empty)

Councilmen - (empty)

Our Charter:


I (KingemO93) created Allied Rebel Nations (ARN) to restore Honor, Peace, and Equality back to the world of CN.


"Sometimes its Hell getting to Heaven"

~Allied Rebel Alliance Government~


I. Is the leader of Allied Rebel Nation (ARN).

II. Appoints the Vice Premier and the Councilmen.

III. Cannot be removed from power by any member of ARN.

Vice Premier

I. Is the leader when the Premier is away.

II. Appoints the Deputy Bishop.

III. Can only be removed by the Premier.

Deputy Bishop

I. Is the leader of the Bishops.

II. Appoints all of the Bishops.

III. Can only be removed from power by the Vice Premier.

Defense Bishop

I. Leads our troops to war.

II. Places the members into their right platoon.

III. Decides what alliance to attack/not attack.

IV. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Finance Bishop

I. Sets up the Foreign/Interior Aids.

II. Helps set up the Inner/Outer alliance Trade Circles.

III. Helps members get Tech Deals.

IV. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Recruit Bishop

I. Makes Recruit Messages.

II. Is responsible for making sure no ZI'd or rough nations join the alliance.

III. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Education Bishop

I. Is responsible for the Teaching of the new members.

II. Will help Foreign Alliances with teaching and learning about CN.

III. The Education Bishop can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.

Diplomacy Bishop

I. Can make and break Treaties.

II. Responsible for making Foreign Embassies.

III. Can only be removed from power by the Deputy Bishop.


I. Appointed by the Premier.

II. Responsible for voting on bills and other legislation.

III. Can only be removed by the Premier.

~Foreign Affairs~

I. All Foreign Affairs will be dealt with by the Member that opened Affairs with the consulting Nation/Alliance.

II. If a member Offends or Disrespects a Foreign Nation/Alliance they will be asked to make a public apology or be ZI'd and marked as a Rough Nation.

III. All Foreign Affairs and Foreign Embassies will be handled by the Diplomacy Bishop


I. We will aid friend alliances that are in war.

II. We will send troops and money to members and alliances that are in wars they didn't start

III. All war aids don't have to be repaid unless that was in the aid request and offer.


I. We are an Offensive Alliance.

II. We side with war but it is the last step we take.

III. If threatened we WILL NOT wait to be attacked!

Tech Raiding

I. You can only Tech Raid if given a Tech Raid license.

II. You can only Tech Raid unaligned and unprotected nations

III. Tech Raid sanctions can be put against certain Nations and Alliances.

~Legislation Passing~

I. Any legislation that has been submitted by a member must first be viewed and passed by the Premier and the Diplomacy Bishop.

II. If it makes it pass the Diplomacy Bishop and the Vice Premier then it goes to the Councilmen.

III. It will then be voted on by the Councilmen and it takes a 4/5 vote to pass it.

IV. If it doesn't make it pass the Premier, Diplomacy Bishop, and Councilmen it can be resubmitted one more time if 10 members accept it.

~Political Parties~

I. All political parties will be able to change our War Preference, the way we Run the Alliance, and our policy on Tech Raiding.

II. Independent

III. Democrat

IV. Republican

~Joining The Alliance~

I. You cannot be on any other alliance member list.

II. You must follow up on all the promises in your application.

III. You cannot be searching for shelter from attacking from another alliance.

IV. You don't have to be on Aqua but its preferred.

V. Your Alliance Affiliation must be set to "Allied Rebel Nations"


I. Any alliance member has the right to submit legislation.

II. All alliance member have the right to bear NUKEs.

Any questions or comments?

Edited by KingemO93
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It gives me great honor as the Director of Technology for our Republic to announce a treaty signed in the name of friendship, mutual benefit, and true honesty fostered by respect.


The "We'll Fight For Your Rights" Accords

"Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and its conscious that he gains protection while he gives it." - Andrew Jackson

GRAN - ARN Protectorate Agreement


In order to maintain security and well being for both alliances the Allied Rebel Nations and the Global Republic of Armed Nations hence fourth known as ARN and GRAN agree to this treaty.


Each government agrees to uphold each others sovereignty, and to not interfere in internal politics or any internal matters. Unless aid is asked by ARN in structuring their government.


Neither signatory shall perpetrate acts of aggression towards the other. If at any time a nation or either alliance attacks the other both governments agree to pay the necessary reparations to the other party, and all matters will be handled diplomatically between both GRAN and ARN.


If at any point there comes knowledge of an impending attack or valuable piece of evidence that would threaten the security of either of the signatories it is mandatory to report it to the opposing alliance.


As of the signing of this treaty Allied Rebel Nations will become a protectorate of the Global Republic of Armed Nations thus an attack on them will be viewed as an attack on GRAN itself. GRAN will supply ARN with the preparation of their military as well as economic guides to help them grow, as well as monetary and diplomatic aid. Don’t mess with this guy’s period!

Tech Deals

While it is understood that member nations of ARN may tech deal with any nation they want inter-alliance dealing will be giver first priority to GRAN alone. By this GRAN will supply ARN with continuous tech deals to help aid ARN in their quest for growth.

Color Sphere

It is understood that ARN will move to the black sphere and support GRAN in trades. GRAN will make sure that this transition is done smoothly without hurting ARN’s economy in general.

Signed for the Global Republic of Armed Nations


Germanicus- Elite Council

Aryan83-Elite Council

Karma-Elite Council.

Signed for the Allied Rebel Nations

KingemO93 - Allied Rebel Nations Premier

Lord Sir23 - Allied Rebel Nations Vice Premier

Lord Valor - Allied Rebel Nations Diplomacy Bishop

Edited by Captain Flinders
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