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ADULT is Recruiting!


ADULT is a small alliance in the aqua sphere.

We are recruiting any members in any spheres, though aqua would be preferred.

We provide protection and help to our nations.

We have great people and members in ADULT.

Our forums are at: http://z13.invisionfree.com/TE_ADULT

and our IRC Diplomacy Room in Coldfront is #ADULT

The ADULT Government:

President :Find the Real

Minister of War: BluRaider

Minister of Foreign Affairs: SumerianTiger

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ADULT Charter


President: The President is first in command and the political figurehead of ADULT. (S)he has the power to appoint ministers, write legislature, and do whatever is necessary to maintain order and establish prosperity within the alliance and abroad.

Minister of War: The Minister of War is put in charge of organizing and strategizing wars with other alliances. With the approval of the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, (s)he has the power to declare war on other alliances. (S)he can at any time authorize an attack on a rogue nation considered a threat to the alliance. The Minister of War may appoint deputies as (s)he sees fit.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for maintaining relationships with other alliances in CN. With the approval of the President, (s)he has the power to write treaties with other alliances. The Minister of Foreign Affairs may appoint deputies as (s)he sees fit.

Minister of Internal Affairs: The Minister of Internal Affairs is in charge of trade, recruitment, and handling of new members and ghosts. The Minister of Internal Affairs may appoint deputies as (s)he sees fit.

If one of the Ministers is unable to perform his/her duty, it will be up to the deputies and the President to act accordingly. The President will serve as acting minister if one is not appointed in a timely manner.

Rules and Regulations

1. All ADULT members are to act with respect toward others - friends, foes and otherwise - in all forms of communication, and have fun playing CNte. Do not forget that it’s just a game.

2. The members of ADULT are permitted (unless otherwise notified) to raid nations that do not have any kind of treaty with us. A “raid” is considered ground attacks followed by a peace offer. An attack more extensive than ground attacks, unauthorized by the President or MoW, will be considered roguery and the rogue nation is subject to punishment.

3. Any nation that attacks ADULT is subject to retaliation. ADULT will first negotiate with the attacking alliance but reserves the right to decide when diplomacy has failed.

4. Espionage and threats, in game or by conversation, will be considered an act of war and will be dealt with as such.

5. All conflicts, treaties, and other occurrences in CNte do not reflect the views of the members of ADULT on the CNs server. Do not treat them as such.

6. Those who cannot adhere to these rules can and will be punished by ADULT.


Find the Real, President

SumerianTiger, Minister of Foreign Affairs

BluRaider, Minister of War

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