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Bonsan City survival horror


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Valerie was a resident of the city of Benson. It had a population of 120,000 and was quite a sizable city. Landlocked and surrounding by the Jenson Mountains and national Park with one highway leading south out of the city and a Tunnel leading North out of the City.

............................................TIMELINE OF EVENTS................................

13th May 2009: Media reports crime spree over Benson City with police being overwhelmed with assualt and murder cases

14th May 2009: Police begin to bring in extra police from neighboring cities to help with break in's, assualt and murder cases and vandalism around the city

15th May 2009: There is an incident at the hospital where assualt patients begin attacking the doctors

16th May 2009: Car crash's become common and disorder begins to happen at all times of the day

17th May 2009: the hospital is under siege by the patients. many doctors begin to flee and report the hospital is no longer a safe place to go

18th May 2009: the city goverment quarantine the hospital and declare it can no longer operate under these conditions and officialy closes down. The City government also impose Martial law and the military is put on alert and begin a blockade of the town

19th May 2009: The Streets are declared Unsafe and the government issues a list of "Safe Zones" such as the Police station, Stadium and the Recreation Center as well as the Benson High School

20th May 2009: It becomes clear that the disorder is not rioting civilians but an infection which causes the victim to turn insane and canabilistic. Uninfected civilians begin to slowly get evacuated

21st May 2009: local Media stop reporting and no new information is being released on Radio or TV. the Highschool and Recreation center are declared UNSAFE as they have been overrun. That is the last message released before all media stopped reporting

22nd May 2009: PRESENT DAY



(OOC: This is a Character RP. think up a character and then jump right into the city and try to survive and escape. Just think resident evil type zombies. shot to the head kills instantly, 24 hours to transform. syptoms in order in which they occur are pale skin at first, sweating, losing vision and focus, vomiting, Gangrene, fall in and out of consiousness and finally fall into a comba only to wake up half an hour later as an insane crazied zombie)



Valerie looked in her cupboard and rumaged around for something to eat. She had locked herself in her apartment since the 18th May and had to live with listening to the blood curdling screams of her neighbors as they were killed by the infected. As well as listen with the screams of victims on the streets, the infected's unsettling groan and the sound of a distant explosion or car crash or police siren somewhere in the city.

Which is why her Ipod quickly became her best friend in those first few days of self imposed quarantine.

Valerie tied up her blond, thick wavy hair into a pony tail to keep it off her face and zipped up her black leather jacket. She knew sometime or another she would have to venture out of her apartment for food or to escape. The banging at her front door had stopped a couple of hours earlier but she wasnt going to get out that way. It was blocked anyway due to her moving most of the living room furnature infront of it

She opened her curtains. Columns of smoke were rising from certain areas of the city, on the street below it was bothing but smashed in car's, dead bodies and some lumbering zombies walking down the street in a small group. The only reason she picked this time to leave her apartment was becuase it was the sunniest day they had so far and the daytime made her feel a little bit safer.

She opened her window and made her way down a fire escape. She was armed with her kitchen broom. It was weak but the best should could do. While proceeding down the fire escape she looked into the windows of what use to be her neihbors houses. most of the possesions were missing as people tried to abandon the city, some apartments had blood stains all up the walls. She tried not to look into them for too long.

Finally she jumped on a car, just below the ladder. She would easily be able to climb back up.

Valerie made her way cautiously down the ruined streets of the city.

"aaaaaa! Get away from me!" screamed a teenage girl further up the street

Valerie stepped back and kneeled next to a car to see what was happening

The young girl ran to the otherside of the street, fleeing a group of 4 zombies. when the young girl got to the otherside of the street she jumped over a fence and into an allyway. There was silence for a few minutes before hearing the blood curdling scream of the girl.

'there must of been more in the ally, poor girl' Valerie back tracked a small distance and turned down another long street, maybe she would encounter another survivor.......

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And encounter another survivor she did. For Wallace Henry Huddleston III was on the prowl. At the respectable age of 80, Mr. Huddleston was one of the city's wealthiest inhabitants even before the outbreak. He was an avid hunter and favored the finer things in life. The man gave to almost every charity imaginable and entertained many influential figures at his home. At least he did until 10 years ago. Until the accident.

W.H. Huddleston disappeared in 1999 and reappeared in the woods a week later with no recollection of what happened. Not that he would have told anyone even if he knew. Because he had gone nuts.

When the outbreak occurred, Huddleston's underlings thought the best idea would be to evacuate him to one of his many summer homes (they couldn't decide which). The problem was that his helicopter was occupied by his wife (he couldn't remember which) who had taken it on a vacation to one of his private islands in the Pacific (he couldn't recall which). So a day ago they had put him into an armored SUV and tried to exit Bonsan City via the highway. No luck, as the place was barricaded and they wouldn't let him through even after Huddleston offered to bribe them with one of his sports cars (it didn't matter which).

So they had decided to take the tunnel, since it was the only option left to them. By then the city had turned into a war zone, and the SUV flipped over downtown after hitting one too many zombies at one bad angle. His driver and bodyguards were dragged out and eaten, but Wallace Henry did not surrender. He took the weapons from his loyal employees (he would have to fire them later) and fought off the horde. Cackling like a madman (because he was), Huddleston worked his way through the city, with one thing on his mind.

Actually, there were many things on his mind, and the thoughts came and went too often for him to decide which one to follow. But of course, in the end it mattered little which one.

So it was that Huddleston met Valerie. With a bloodstained sweater and a large pistol in his hands, the old man skulked through the streets, giggling his gigglish laugh. "Can't let them get away, hee!" he muttered to himself. "Those taxmen just won't stop, will they...well they can be on my wall instead. Haha!"

Huddleston turned a corner and bumped into a young girl. This startled him. "Ah!" he exclaimed and squeezed off a trio of shots at the newcomer. "Where did you come from?!" he demanded in a high voice, frightened. He didn't seem at all perturbed that he had just shot someone. He wanted to know why they bumped into him!

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