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Two long bloody years ago, in the midst of much drama, me and a little over thirty of my best friends got together on IRC and started hammering out the first charter of the Cyber Nations Combatants. We debated the finer points of the constitution, and what we wanted to achieve. An hour later and we had our first invisionfree forum up, 30 members signed up, a pimp charter and a thread up on the forums announcing that, surprise! We'd arrived.

I appointed our first Triumvirate with Dwitty heading IA, Nukular Winter in FA, and Spacks in War and we got down to building. Most of us were weak, our only notable nation being EnigmaDecoder who, through some selfless nonstop aiding, built up another group of us, who built up the rest. We started setting minimums, and though we didn't always meet the deadlines in time, we always gave it everything we had and eventually got a pretty massive Average NS. ^_^

I remember approaching The Order of Halsa, at the time run by KasMage, who I knew from his VE days, and I remember approaching the Imperial Blue Covenant, who's most steadfast members grace our ranks to this day. Our original FA goal was to build up friendships with people our size, and meet different people, rather than the sticking to the crowd most of us were used to. The Order of Halsa and Covenant both started around the same time as us, and the three of us all hit it off pretty well. Later on, the three of us didn't do a thing FA or War-wise that we didn't decide to do together. We were friends, co-conspirators, and comrades in arms in the most literal of ways.

I remember going into our first war, with Molon Labe, about a week after the founding, and I can still remember Rayvon, Rossi, Egore, ArmRed, TypoNinja and the slew of other Viridian Entente folks that stepped in on our behalf and pulled us out of it. Getting caught off guard like that taught us a great deal and is, probably, why we've been as military-centric as we have been since. I remember IBC offering to attack them on our behalf, though we had no MDP yet and being substantially weaker, and how much of an impression it left on me. :blush:

Needless to say, we signed with VE, IBC and TOH not very long after that. Talk about no regrets. :)

I recall the lead up to GW3, chatting with VE off and on about it, and not thinking we'd get any action. I remember the night /b/ declared, and I remember laughing at my monitor, because I knew we'd get a piece. As it turned out, we had a good deal of nations right around the spot in LoSS's ranks that VE didn't have much of anyone, so we got the whole alliance on IRC one night, got posted a very spartan target list, and everyone took their pick.

Through sheer newbishness, the majority of us hit three each on our initial night, and I remember pretty vividly watching LoSS bring about 18 nations all in range of us out of peace mode on Day 3 or so, and getting slammed by them at update. Even still, it was pretty even. UE gave us (along with MCCF) a shout out in his stats and I think it gave all 30 of us a pretty huge ego boost for the rest of the war. :lol:

I remember being pretty upset when I saw the amount of ACID Gov flying LoSS's AA at war with us, and taking it to IBC as proof of a "proxy war" against CNC, bringing them into the war against ACID, and I remember OIN declaring on us with a PIAT once LoSS's second wave didn't prove as effective as they'd hoped. :v:

I remember getting to know Piro & the Crimson Sun Empire, and I remember them getting hit by NONE. It was the second time we'd ever fought a nuke war, and it was pretty fun. I remember listening to him rant about the Purple Unity efforts at the time, and I remember PAW.

I remember signing with GOONS later that Summer, then NpO, MK and \m/. I remember Article IX of the GOONS treaty, and the disappointment when no Trash Can showed up to troll the thread. I remember the increasing realization in our gov that we were way in over our heads as the GOONS-NpO divide got worse, and I remember us being completely off our head drunk with power. I remember IBC merging into us (bringing with them the NpO treaty) and I remember the select few in GOD who were completely opposed to the new comers that damn near undid it all.

I recall the decision to rename to GOD, in large part because we knew if we stayed as DLP then the two groups would just faction off. I remember insisting President Smith stay on as Emperor with me, because I couldn't stand the thought of being the leader of someone who'd been my ally for so long. I remember the flood of former government from IBC, and not having any idea what to do with them. We tried to create a Secretariat to give most of them jobs, but that failed massively since our charter's always been geared to a very small hierarchy.

I remember the weeks leading up to UJW, and most of us thinking NpO were being completely belligerent, but being pretty conflicted since they'd been such great allies to IBC. It bothered me a good deal to tell both sides we were gonna sit it out, and I remember Archon pleading for help the next day because he thought MK was going to get dog piled that night. I remember talking it over with Smith and agreeing that we had to side against Polaris, that we couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't, and I remember serving notice in our embassy there (to this day the last time I've been on the NpO forums). Probably the hardest part of the entire war, in all honesty.

I remember Golden Sabres, and completely disliking their gov. More than a few times I wanted to ask them to leave the coalition channel, but held back. I remember meeting Mixoux and R&R, and Astroz and EoTRS in the IRC channel for the NoV-NV front and thinking they were pretty cool cats. :awesome:

I remember MDC, among others, convincing small Maroon alliances to attack RIA & us in the name of "Maroon Unity", and the insane levels of rage it drove me to. I remember TPF surrendering, and the main coalition channel going completely crazy on them for it. I remember Virillus trying to pull \m/ out, but being forced to surrender individually instead :awesome:

I remember sending out orders for GOD to go into "FAN Mode", and I remember Nukular and Z begging me to let us surrender. I agreed after a lot of arguing over a few days. I remember NoV asking for 500m in reps, and Doc Fresh and others intervening to get it knocked down to 200m between all the guys who jumped us.

I remember the scramble for allies that all the former UJP went through, and the common sentiment that we all had that we were gonna be mopped up now that the coalition was broken down. I remember VE resigning with us - probably the second time in our history where they saved our hide, in all honesty, and I remember joining SF. I remember going completely emo until December, and then getting back into things and realizing that I new none of the new alliances.

I remember Terry's cute little threats he PMed me when we surrendered, and I remember rolling them later. :awesome:

The rest since then is pretty much common knowledge, so I'll stop there. Suffice it to say, it's been a really long road. I've been doing FA nonstop for almost two years now, Z nearly as long. We've lost a lot of good people, to various things: Organized Chaos, Dwitty, Hírvegil, K1L1O, Krull, and others that've slipped my eternally cluttered mind, and we've also gained a fair few cool dudes.

It's been nice. Stressful sometimes, stupidly emotional and completely bizarrely absorbing other times, but on the whole... nice. I don't think any of us thought we'd ever still be playing, and in fact the originals that aren't still playing would probably be horrified to know we are. I know Spacks is. :lol:

I guess that's about it. We've been through a lot, we'll undoubtedly go through a lot more, but in the end, we'll still just be us - a bunch immature kids* who got the twisted idea in their head of starting an alliance one afternoon, a real long time ago.

*Don't kill me Enigma, Mid D:

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Very nice job, Xippy.

So much has happened over the past few years, and I'm just as surprised as any of us that the majority of us are still around.

I look forward to more time with you guys, and our friends - both new and old.

o/ GOD

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