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Another announcement from the Republic of India

Sir Keshav IV

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The President steps upon the podium in the Parliament before leaving for Independence Day Celebrations.

To the citizens of the world,

India was separated by the last Mughal Empire so that he can have a safe haven in the east and India is truly not a whole. He thought it would be smart to do that as his last move before turning our government into a Democracy. For 10 years India has been separated from the very citizens of its own country in the east. But no more shall they be separated! As of now the Territories of Nepal, Bhutan, The Eastern States, Maldives and Lakshwadeep Islands shall become apart of India, whether by force or by Diplomacy. We can not stand a separated country anymore. To the people of India, I do this for you. With the Parliament accepting this act we shall do our bests to gain these territories peacefully.Also the party is still on tonight and delegates do not have to worry about their safety as we shall not go to war anytime soon.

He got off the podium and went back into the Parliament.


Initiate operation Valkyrie in Maldives. By tomorrow their new "government" shall sign this treaty. Inform Rahaman the coup begins today and that the current "Friendly" Maldives government should be killed. We shall cover up for it later. Initiate Operation Jai Hind on Nepal. Get the troops ready for a complete invasion of Kathmandu. If we get the Emperor to sign these papers we don't need to spill more blood.

Yes President

OOC: As this is CNRP[R] I shall be RP'ing Operation Valkyrie and Operation Jai Hind when I have the time. This thread shall have all the information.


The areas covered in blue shall be the areas I will be RP'ing.

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