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Black Max Income+Pop Trade Circle

king ost

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Since the old circle fell apart, this is a rehash of Quizarts circle.

Gold - AndrewC202

Silver - Blood Ruler of Versprochen Landet

Gems - Blood Ruler of Versprochen Landet

Coal - Quizart of Quizart

Wine - king ost of ostopia

Furs - Frank the bunny

Fish - AndrewC202

Pigs - Pinkius

Spices - Frank the Bunny

Sugar - Quizart of Quizart

Cattle - Pinkius

Wheat - king ost of ostopia



Affluent People

Fast Food


Income: +$10

Citizens: +37.1%

Happiness: +15.5

Infra Cost: -4%

Tech Cost: -5%

Land Cost: -14.5%

Land Bonus: +24.2%

Soldier Efficiency: +24.2%

Soldier Upkeep: -$0.5

Advantages to this Trade Circle: Massive income, the highest possible +citizen% (great for income and war)

Disadvantages: No construction, not much bill reduction.

Who this trade circle is for: People that aren't jumping quite so much anymore (sitting for a bit to build up wonders, military, tech, etc), people that want to build up a war chest fast, people with some not-so-great trades that are still looking for a very solid circle.

Who this trade circle is not for: People that are still growing (infrastructure wise) a lot.

Summary: I consider +citizens to be one of the most effective resources (more money AND a bigger military, and your NS doesn't grow at all), so I've always liked this setup. It also makes more money than any other setup I could find, great for building a war chest, buying wonders, or keeping up with a large military. It's great economy wise and still great in military because of the huge army, and huge war chest, at your disposal. It has very little in the way of infrastructure cost/bill reduction, so I don't recommend this for people who aren't at/near the point of buying wonders, having a large military full-time, or just saving up a big warchest. The real disadvantage to this set is the lack of Construction - but I consider it a cost I'm willing to pay.

PM in game as well!

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