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A Referendum



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Constantinople, Byzantium - Today, Supreme Commander William Hans opened up a national referendum as to map out a new system to replace the destitute Republic of Byzantium. The people of Byzantium shall vote on three issues: the parliamentary system, form of government, and the Gizli Polis. This is a way to evaluate the people's decision as to establish the foundations of a new Byzantium. Unlike under the Nationalist regime, this referendum shall be open and fair to all.

"Yes, John Kelikark had organized several national referendums in the past -- but that was merely a way for him to further considate his power at the people's expense." Hans stated in a televised speech to the nation today. "Kelikark never truly believed in democracy, and he certainly manipulated the poll results to achieve what he wanted. There is also one thing I feel like I must tell you. Remember the referendum on Greece? Kelikark used this, under the pretenses of democracy, to root out anyone who was opposed to his regime! Thousands of people were arrested because they voted, and millions more were targeted for arrest -- which fortunately was cancelled."

At this, millions and millions of Byzantines watching television gasped at this revelation. 'No...way. Was this truly what Kelikark was...?'

Pausing for a moment, Hans nodded and continued. "For so long, we had been deceived by a dictator who used democracy to manipulate us and the nation of Byzantium as a whole -- and the mechanisms of the police state to oppress us. No more! From now on, Byzantium shall be a true democracy, founded on the ideals of freedom and democracy for all -- and established by the wishes of its people! After all, we are the people!"

Thunderous applause flooded the room as Hans concluded his speech.

Smiling, Hans took a breath. "Now, people of Byzantium, you now have the chance to vote on these issues. The vote results will certainly influence the way Byzantium is established and governed. You alone have the power to chart out Byzantium's future in this world!"

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Arctica speaks the truth.

OOC: Other (What I have)/Bicateral/Other (Socialist Republic of Byzantium)


OOC: Trying to spread communism? :ph34r:

Anyways, I voted for Republic/Bicmeral/Republic of Byzantine.

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OOC: Hm, how about the People's Republic of Byzantium?


OOC: <3

OOC:Communist Dictatorship/Unicamral/Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Byzantium, Greece, Georgia, and Transcaucasia.

OOC: You just want Jed to 1-up me, don't you? lol.

No worries, I'm gonna rename myself soon.

Not to Soviet Canuckistan, but the name that should be there. (and is there IRL) :awesome:

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We wish luck to our old friends at Byzantum good luck on the new path you choose.

OOC: Constituitional Monarchy, Uniwhatever, United Kingdom of Byzantine yadda yadda yadda.

Also get Jed and Aaron to visit me for tea sometime!

We thank Manchuria for this.

OOC: Sure, I will. :wub:

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