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Announcing the International Hissian Unity Pact


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Announcement from the Hissian Empire

First off, this is not an alliance.


Good evening, Planet Bob.

For so long have the Hissian nations existed in limbo on this planet. Now, during this golden age, we have decided to form the International Hissian Unity Pact, a private ODP between the following Hissian nations: Socialitaria, Luian, Islands of Australia and Yevensky.

All of our nations in this unity pact are in the SSSW18 alliance. Like I said, this is not an alliance. This is a private ODP between nations whose rulers are Hissians.

Now, without further ado, I present to you the following:

International Hissian Unity Pact

A treaty to encourage and promote Hissian unity in the Cybernations world


Many citizens of Hissia are also leaders of nations on Planet Bob.

Unfortunately, due to much diaspora, communication and mutual aid

between Hissians has been severed as Hissian nations have been cast into

different alliances. This treaty shall serve to promote mutual defence

and general civility between Hissian nations. The International Hissian

Unity Pact, henceforth IHUP, shall be in effect even if its member

states are in different alliances.


IHUP shall be led by the Emperor of Hissia. In the event that the

Emperor of Hissia is not available to rule in the Cyberverse, IHUP shall

be led by the Chancellor of Hissia. If this is also not possible, the

member states shall democratically elect a Regent, who shall receive the

approval of the Emperor.


a. Showing membership of IHUP

Membership of IHUP should be clearly indicated in each member state's nation

description. It will not be necessary to change the alliance affiliation of the

nation, since IHUP is not an alliance.

b. Gaining membership into IHUP

A nation can gain membership into IHUP if one of the following is true:

* the nation is led by a Hissian;

* the nation has been invited by the Emperor or Chancellor or by the Regent of


* the nation has been invited by a Hissian Senator and has gained the approval

of a majority in the Hissian Senate;

* the nation has been invited by an existing member of IHUP and has gained the

approval of by at least 60% of existing IHUP members; or

* the nation has submitted a request for membership and has been unanimously

approved of by IHUP members.

In all but the first two cases, the Emperor, Hissian Senate and Regent

have the authority to deny membership if they do not see the nation as

being worthy of IHUP.

A nation joining IHUP must have the approval of its alliance's

executives. IHUP's leader reserves the right to deny membership if the

nation does not first seek its alliance's approval.

c. Expulsion from IHUP

(i) Reasons to be expelled

A member state of IHUP may be expelled if its peers consider it to have broken

this constitution in some way or otherwise has acted in such a way to bring the

pact into disrepute.

(ii) The process of expulsion

* A member state of IHUP is expelled from the pact if its leader is expelled

from Hissia by the Emperor, for whatever reason.

* A member state of IHUP may be expelled from the pact alone and not from all

of Hissia by the Regent.

* A motion to expell a member state of IHUP may be submitted by any member.

The motion must have the support of at least 60% of the other member states.

(iii) Regaining membership

An expelled member of IHUP may regain IHUP membership after a period of

one week, if it matches the criteria in Section B, "Gaining membership

into IHUP" above. It may also regain membership immediately if it is

pardonned by the Emperor.

d. Leaving IHUP

A member state can honourably leave IHUP for whatever reasons. When a

member state leaves IHUP, he must give twenty-four hours of notification

to all other member states of IHUP.


a. Abstaining from attacking fellow IHUP members

IHUP member states agree not to attack each other. In the event that an

inter-alliance war should put one member state's alliance against

another's, IHUP members may fight against the other member state's

alliance but should not attack a fellow member state.

b. Abstaining from attacking alliances of fellow IHUP members

IHUP member states agree not to attack the alliances of other IHUP

member states, unless the alliance of the attacking nation is currently

at war with the attacked alliance.

c. Abstaining from nuclear first strikes

IHUP members shall not use nuclear weapons unless in retaliation for the

use of nuclear weapons, except when commanded to do so by the member

state's alliance.


IHUP member states shall take steps to prevent offensive military

operations against Hissian nations.

If a rogue nation should attack a member state, the IHUP should attempt

at first negotiation, and, should that fail, military intervention.

If an alliance should justifiably attack a member state, the IHUP should

consider the expulsion of this member state.

If an alliance should unjustly attack a member state, the IHUP should

attempt negotiation. If this fails, the leader of IHUP has the option of

taking military action against the alliance.

In all cases, the member state that is attacked should also seek aid

from its alliance, if this is possible.


Member states of IHUP are not required to aid each other in unprovoked

offensive military operations.

If a member state's alliance is in a state of war, other member states

are not required to help and are discouraged from doing so.


Member states of IHUP shall offer financial and military aid to those

who require it, in times of war and peace. IHUP member states shall

receive higher priority than all others in receiving aid from each



IHUP member states shall trade technology to each other. IHUP member

states shall give priority to other member states in the sale and

purchase of technology.

Having spoken to the Emperor of Hissia, Wobbles, who unfortunately is not a ruler of a Planet Bob nation, I and the other members of IHUP have decided that dunno of the Islands of Australia shall be appointed the Regent of the International Hissian Unity Pact. He is also a Senator of Hissia.

We can be found on the IRC channel #HSSSSS on Coldfront, but not that you would want to find us. Because our Emperor is not a Planet Bob citizen, it may be somewhat difficult to contact him. As his representative, it shall be my duty to facilitate communications.

To the moderators: If I have placed this in the wrong forum, please move as you see fit.

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