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I may have never won a superbowl but this is close

Dan Marino

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I have worked hard the past few days making my alliance "The Macedonian Empire". I started it all by myself and now have alot of my old friends helping to jump start this alliance. Its been a fun ride so far and may we continue to move forward. Here is our current government:

King- Dan Marino

Prince- General Grievious

Knight of Foreign Affairs: Unfilled

Knight of Internal Affairs: Unfilled

Knight of Defense: Unfilled

Knight of Recruitment: Nuevo Colorado

That is our alliance government right now. They have all worked hard and earned their positions. Thank you guys!

You can find our alliance forums


Our IRC channel is #TME on coldfront.

We are Protected by The German Empire

And now for our charter......


A new Era has come upon us. We must move quickly. We must watch the birth of the new King. We the Knights of The Macedonian Empire to make a more perfect kingdom have come to form the alliance of "The Macedonian Empire". From this moment forward we shall not look back but rather look forward to what all has been given to us.

Article I: Gaining Membership to TME:

Application Process:

Anyone wishing to join The Macedonian Empire must not be in any alliance affiliation and must agree to the terms in the application process. It may take up to 48hours to decide whether to accept you or not. Nations wishing to become members of The Macedonian Empire must, not be on any ZI list or any other lists to that extent.

"Nations wishing to apply to The Macedonian Empire must post an application at our off-site forums using the proper format indicated in the Membership Application's forum."

Once you have applied switch your alliance affiliation to "The Macedonian Empire" and put in your nation bio ***********TME applicant********** until you have been accepted

Gaining Diplomatic Relations with TME

To gain closer, more diplomatic relations with TME you must fill out an applicatioon for diplomatic affairs and then it will take up to 48hours to get your embassy and mask created. Only your alliance members may see your embassy. All information is confidential and must not leave the embassy unless approved.

Article II: Being a warrior of "The Macedonian Empire":

Every warrior that joins our alliance is entitled to their starter aid of one million dollars. Anyone who has applied on our forums, been accepted, and is active on our forums once a week is considered a warrior of The Macedonian Empire. warriors of The Macedonian Empire may be called upon during war. If The Macedonian Empire needs you in war we expect you to fight with honor. TME allow warriors of The Macedonian Empire allows warriors of The Macadonian Empire to make political and diplomatic choices for the alliance.


The Macedonian Empire reserves the right to expel any member from the alliance that disobeys the King, and the Council. If you nuke any nation that hasnt nuked you first then you can be expelled, and if you raid without permission you could be expelled.

Article III Tech Raiding:

The Macedonian Empire does allow tech raids, but you have to ask either the King or The Knight of Defense to attack him. The nation you want to attack must not be red or in an alliance bigger than 10nations. However tech raid at your own risk, if you tech raid and they attack you back you are on your own. You will be given two chances, however after that you will be forced to leave the alliance. If a nation ask you for reps, or you attack a red nation you will pay reps out of yor pocket.

Nuke Policy

The Macedonian Empire does not condone first strike nukes, but will however retaliate with a nuclear arsenal should it be attacked first. If you attack with a nuke without permission it is an automatic expel from the alliance and a possible perma zie.

Article IV: Government Stature:


The King hold the most authority in the alliance. The King can appoint the council or allow the warriors of the alliance do it. The King can make new laws as long as 3/4 of the Knights and Warriors are happy with it. The King can make any law he wants. The King can be stopped only by the Knights and Warriors 3/4 vote. The King can be impeached only if 3/4 people are not happy with the way he is running the alliance.


The Prince is the understudy of the King. He makes sure the King is doing the right moves and if the King is impeached, he shall take the throne. The King shall teach the Prince everything he needs to know on how to be an successful alliance leader. The Prince can bring up treeaty propositions, etc. The Prince if wants to, can veto the King's actions and it will go up with the Council and rest of the alliance in The Assembly.

The Council

Knight of Internal Affairs:

The Knight of Internal Affairs is responsible for making sure each new member knows how to play the game adequately. The KoIA is also in charge of making sure everyone gets their starter aid, and everyone that request aid gets it in orderly fashion. The Knight of Internal affairs has the right to get himself a deputy if he so chooses so. The Knight of Internal affairs can be impeached if the King and members are unsatisfied.

Knight of Foreign Affairs:

The Knight of foreign Affairs is responsible for getting embassies with our allies, and making diplomatic touches with other alliances in the game. The KoFA can make a treaty at any time as long as the King agrees with it. The Knight of Foreign Affairs can get a deputy if he wants too. The KoFA, if not doing a good job may be impeached and the deputy can take over.

Knight of Defense:

The Knight of Defense is responsible in making sure we are well protected at all times, and that if any member has been attacked it be dealt wth properly. He has the authority to Declare War on an alliance or a person with the King permission. The Knight of Defense makes sure that the organization of the war Battalions is nice and neat. If anyone request to attack a nation the Knight of Defense can tell him whether or not he can attack him.

Knight of Recruitment:

The Knight of Recruitment is responsible in making sure we get new members every week and that our applicants before being accepted are not on any zie list or blacklist. Knight of Recruitment will be impeached if failure to do any of the following tasks. Knight of Recruitment is appointed by The King.

Article V: The Assembly:

All the kingdom's warriors-knights gather in a popular assembly, which is held at least twice a year, in spring and in autumn, with the opening and the closing of the campaigning season.This assembly, of the army in times of war, of the people in times of peace, is called by the king and plays a significant role through the acclamation of the kings and in capital trials; it can be consulted (without obligation) for the foreign politics (declarations of war, treaties) and for the appointment of high state officials.

Article VI Amendments:

At any time the charter can be amended if there is a 3/4 vote on the amendmant. Any Warrior, Knight, or King can request an amendmant on the charter.


Dan Marino, King of The Macedonian Empire

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Why do people create government positions in an alliance and then not have a qualified individual to fill them? Isn't a government supposed to serve the needs of an alliance rather than exist to fill a mould?

Alliances sometimes anticipate the future need to fill positions but don't have an immediate need at the moment for them. Rather than the creation of excess red tape and such, this could very well be a shrewd look forward to the day when TME grows enough to demand the presence of additional members of government. Time will tell, though. I look forward to the coming days and the answer to these interesting questions. ^_^

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This is confusing to me though:

The King can make new laws as long as 3/4 of the Knights and Warriors are happy with it. The King can make any law he wants.
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