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CIA Terminates PIAT Agreement

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Article 4: Termination

This treaty may be terminated by either signatory with a public and private notification to the other signatory. 72 hours after both notifications have been sent, this treaty will be considered null and void. It may also be terminated if both parties wish to upgrade it.

With this, the Colonial Independence Association serves its 72 hour public notice to whomever now runs TUON that we are cancelling our PIAT agreement with The Union of Nations.



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For your perusal

Good luck with this.

According to what we can gather, this announcement was fraudulent in its information. According to their forum, they have merely split again, and we are unsure as to who is in charge at the moment.

EDIT: Since we are unsure as to which direction they will choose, we find this is the best recourse of action, and that if TUON remains intact or splits between the two alliances, a move of which we are now unsure of, we believe that it is best not to formally align ourselves to an alliance that we can not predict which direction they plan to move in.

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