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Sirens Over Nightmerica

Prodigal Moon

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Prodigal Moon strode forward to the podium covered in microphones. The press corps sat in silent attention, rapt, waiting for news regarding the startling events that had occurred earlier in the day .

People of Nightmerica. I have experienced the greatest days of my life leading our nation these past two years. We struggled to grow from humble beginnings; uncertain of the basics of governance, let alone of our place in the Cyberverse. For long we remained isolated, too untrusting of the machiavellian ways of other nations and alliances to form even the most limited of international ties.

We took our first steps onto the world stage upon joining the League of City States; a small, fledgling alliance that promoted peace and sovereignty for its nations. We found there that others shared our vision of a quiet existence, secure in our collective strength, yet unthreatened by the dangers of entaglement in a web of conflicting defense treaties. When our founding leaders abandoned the alliance, we assumed leadership through the informal consent of the loose confederation of remaining members. We experienced several peaceful yet stagnant months following that development. Upon meeting SoX, an emissary from the League of Extraordinary Nations, we realized that there was so much more our alliance members could be a part of, and we quickly joined our new brothers in LEN.

Our time is LEN has been a wonderful opportunity for me to make new friends and take on new responsibility as Tribune of Education. We have experienced long periods of peace and unprecedented prosperity, as well as a time of devastating war that threatened our very existence. We were proud to stand with our brothers in arms in defense of the Siberian Tiger Alliance. Through it all, we have emerged as a beautiful nation; strong, technologically advanced, and - most importantly - true to our principles.

I come before you today to announce that, after nearly a month of exhausting research by our military scientists, we have developed the capability to produce nuclear weapons. Many of you may have heard the sirens or felt the enormous tremble of the earth as we conducted our first weapon test this morning. The test was a complete success. While we plan a policy of very limited nuclear armament during times of peace, we will keep our production capabilities fully operational. Will arm ourselves as needed: nothing more, and nothing less.

As many of you are aware, our nation has had a policy against the development of nuclear weapons since the day of its inception. Today does mark an adjustment to that policy. However, it does not indicate the slightest change to our principles of peace, independence, and integrity. We have looked on, helpless as others who share our values have burned in the fires of unchecked aggression by those in power in the Cyberverse, and whispered to ourselves: "no more." We have held dear to our hope that we could avoid an arms race - that if we would forgo these most terrifying weapons, others might also stand down.

History has proven that hope false. We remain dedicated to the dream that this planet will one day see all alliances flourish in peace and harmony as equals; unthreatened by oppressors, unafraid to thrive in independence . However, we will no longer tie one hand behind our back. We will no longer speak out for peace while bearing a dull sword. We will maintain our policy of strict non-aggression, but we will not restrain our military capabilities, and we will show no mercy to those who wish to threaten our nation, our brothers, or our allies.

Thank you all for your time.

The press erupted in unison as Prodigal Moon walked quickly from the stage.

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