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Size =/= success. Success can involve culture along with political power and number of members (the latter being a reflection of success). You despise their actions, yet their actions lead to and continue to secure success. You hate their attitude, but they earned it with hard work and intelligence. You dislike "everything about them" -- what else can we conclude, but that you hate them because they have successfully maintained their position and have shown themselves to be more fit than yourself?

Above all else, their success stems from the philosophy they approach matters with; intelligence and logic, diligence, effort, commitment and philosophy (francoism).

You stated that people are hating on Vox, but you never see haters follow a loser.

They have achieved success by bullying, dirty politics, and by allying every alliance they can, just to hold the upper hand. It takes no skill to do do what they have done. You can't earn an attitude by hard work and intelligence either, because that doesn't make any sense. I've never tried to hold power either. When I've been in positions of power, I've tried to start wars, shunned diplomacy, and purposely avoided signing treaties. I care little for power. I care about entertainment and by measure of that, I am more entertaining than all of them, and thus more successful, because hey, I, like you, can make !@#$ up and attempt to make it believable.

You really are just truly, truly pitiful. A player who's shunned by both sides, wearing a mask to hide his true face. Too afraid to even admit who he is for fear of losing all of his infrastructure. You can hate all you want, but really, you should be hating what you've become, not us.

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The purpose of an alliance is to advance the interests of the member nations by reducing conflict...
The alliance system does very little to reduce violence, as alliances are nothing but a bastion of unnecessary conflict. Mere technology raids cannot compare to the absolute destruction remaining on the losing side of a modern conflict.

The current Vox/Fan-NPO/Coalition conflict is actually refreshing, as we actually know from what angle the dagger strikes.

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