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Announcement from The Centurion Brotherhood

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So TCB and and the guys in INT have been buddies since forever. And ever. So it's awesome that we're finally able to upgrade to this MDoAP.

Yeah. Here it is.

The lol, Demo Accords


Having long ago found each other in the aether of Bob, having clung tightly, having braved the tempests of politics and change, The International (INT) and The Centurion Brotherhood (TCB) embody their relationship in this Pact mandating mutual defense and making mutual aggression legally optional.

Article 1:

Close as we are, our cultures are different, and are alliances are founded upon different principles. INT and TCB will therefore remain sovereign entities.

Article 2:

Neither INT nor TCB will contemplate or prosecute aggressive action or espionage against the other. Nations who have done so unilaterally will be punished in a manner that the leaders of INT and TCB in conference determine is just.

Article 3:

When in public, INT and TCB shall, in their statements toward each other, never exceed the bounds of politeness. All expressions of overtly sexual love are to be kept in private channels.

Article 4:

Should either signatory come into the possession of information which makes evident a threat to the other signatory’s security, that information will be shared between signatories in a timely manner.

Article 5:

INT and TCB will defend each other against aggression with all means—military, diplomatic, financial, moral, propagandistic, etc.—at their disposal. Alliances are warned that an attack on one signatory is an attack on both signatories, and will be responded to accordingly, except when one signatory disdains, for whatever reason, the help of the other.

Article 6:

Should either signatory choose to declare aggressive war against another alliance, the other signatory will be informed of this fact a reasonable amount of time before the commencement of hostilities. The other signatory has the option of participating in that aggressive war, and while participation is not mandatory, it is strenuously encouraged.

Article 7:

Should any of the above articles be violated, this pact will be declared void. Either signatory may also cancel this pact at any time; such cancellation will come into force forty-eight hours after the other signatory has received notice of it.

Signed for The International:

The Congress of the International

Signed for The Centurion Brotherhood:

King Xander the Only, King of the Brotherhood

The Royal Centurion Court



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