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Why Did TDSM8 Disband You Ask?

Stumpy Jung Il

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Sup guys? Anyway, so since last night I have easily received more PMs and queries then any other time I have played this game asking me a simple question: Why did TDSM8 disband? We'll, I answered them cause I figured that they would stop coming in an hour or so, but it has become clear that I was wrong because I am still getting them out the $@!. I've heard conspiracy theories and all sorts of ridiculous anecdotes. Id like to clear up now that NPO in no way made us disband. In fact, NPO was the reason we were allowed to die in peace, the way we wanted to go. Moo let us off early for no reason other then he didnt want to ruin the game for us and I respect him for that. But, to stop the questions and queries, I figured Id make a thread just stating why exactly TDSM8 has, by group vote, chosen to disband and leave Planet Bob. So I guess here it goes:

TDSM8 entered the last war expecting to never see peace. We had been told by our enemies and allies alike that MK would not get terms and in our minds, by proxy, neither would we. So we prepared our men, told no lies, and all of us prepared to go down with a sinking ship. We launched nukes, got wrecked, and stood together as we faced our assured demise. I mean, what better way for an alliance like ours to go out, launching missiles in the names of our friends with on last blaze of glory. But thats not quite what happened, in fact, its not what happened at all. MK did get terms and we, once again, got them by proxy. If I could go back now I would and just stopped that from happening, but I had no fore sight of what was to come. The simple face of the matter is TDSM8 should have died in that war, defending the one stake we had in this game: our honor. We have built this alliance on standing by our friends and we should have died doing so.

So we continue on and we keep on trucking under the surrender terms we accepted from NPO. At first it went well, but then slowly and surely the excitement and unity that was established in the last war slowly dwindled into apathy and lethargic nothingness. Activity dwindled, we struggled to handle the reparations lacking any real active tech sellers, and we slowly lost our lower strength members to inactivity. Soon, our government also became inactive and I found myself being the only real member running the alliance. I literally did almost the entire job from handling reps with NPO to our entire Foreign Affairs department, I became the last remaining and active government member of TDSM8. While we were still dedicated to our members and our allies, and many of our members were still IRC active, the apathy was slowly dragging TDSM8 into oblivion. In short, TDSM8 was dying, still limping along from the last war from which we never planned, nor wanted, to survive. We simply never recovered from it and we never really came to terms with the fact that we had survived it. A lot of us just couldnt handle the fact that we had been prepared to quit and then had to struggle on without military, with indefinite terms, and with the inability to really handle the economic portion of our reparations.

So what are we to do? We are an alliance that has always stood on its principles and never backed down, and here we are struggling to hand over tech deals, a simple task, and unable to protect our allies if they ever needed us. We were a hollow shell anymore hiding behind the personality cult that seemed to be forming behind me that was limping on wondering why we were even still playing. Not to mention, many of us felt that TDSM8 didnt have a place in the growing and new world. The last of our kind has been dying out for a while now and it felt like a beast like ours should never have to exist if it was going to have to do so living from surrender terms to surrender terms. We were just gonna become a caged animal, facing worse and worse terms with every loss. Simply put, we were done. We were done dealing with the madness and we were done being caged when all we ever enjoyed was our freedom. So, we decided to take the one step that we knew wed be able to take with a good conscience. We took the last thing that we had the power to take and we ended our existence on our terms. We ran the alliance on our terms, we lived in the alliance on our terms, and we seemed it was fit that we'd watch it go on our terms. Yeah, I'll miss that alliance and the members of it, and I honestly think its the greatest alliance I've ever been in, but our time to go was months ago and it just took us this long to realize that.

Now, I know the above picture is bleak, but TDSM8 still accomplished a lot for an alliance that never broke 30 members and I think that should be remembered above all. We achieved powerful treaties, friendships, and even enemies in our time, and Id like to think inspired a new wave of what has been following through with treaties. I'd like to think we marked a turning point in what had been a decline in obligation, and for that, I'd like to be remembered.

I hope that answered some of your questions, and for the last time I thank everyone for the support they gave to TDSM8.

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