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Another Alliance Announcement

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Official Another Alliance Announcement


IRC: #anotheralliance

website/forums: http://www.anotheralliance.com

Hi there, Yes! Another Announcement from Another Alliance. It's been a busy week.

Well looks like we are on our way. We've had a steady steam of growth lately. And I'm proud to announce that we have passed 500k NS and are quickly approaching 750K NS. I was a bit late on making the announcement so don't be all "OMG WTF NOTHER ANOTHER ANOTHER ALLIANCE THREAD."



It's rather difficult for me not to go all deep into thought when writing these. I mean so much to say about this great alliance. I feel bad for anyone who missed the great after-show hosted by AirMe on the CN Radio. Just want to give a shout out to all those involved. Doitzel, Dilber, Random chick acting drunk, Mundokiir aka Stormsend... Was a pleasure roffling with you. Thanks for the fun and I can't wait to get rolled. /A\/A\ is also running a commercial thanks to AirMe for a few more shows. So stay tuned to the newly updated commercial that I'll be providing AirMe with soon. We'll be making this a weekly thing if possible. Information about the show can be found Here

I would also like to point out my value to the show. As we can see here in exhibit A:


Ignore any similarities with anything related to a CN alliance flow chart

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