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OK, what wonder should I buy next?

Jack Grist

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I would like to ask what Wonder should I buy next? And that will help me in the long run. I currently have: Great Monument, Great Temple, Internet, Interstate System, Manhattan Project, Social Security System and the Stock Market. Now, i was thinking about a Great University, but I will only get 2 happiness as i have only 1000 tech. So, its out of the Space Program, or the National Research Lab. I have not thought about a military wonder just yet, but I will get to them when they are needed.

If anything is in the run, its the Space Program, National Research Lab or Disaster Relief Agency.

Remember, it is what would be better for me.

Thanks, opinions would be great.

EDIT: Heres my nation link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=173205

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But you don't know when you will ever need them right? Depending on your cash situation...the SDI should be your next wonder.

I have never needed to use mine....


I see where your coming from, but i have not got the requirements needed. So, out of the 3. Thanks.

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This is where I'm stuck.

The Space Program increases happiness by 3, right? But it also lowers aircraft cost. The NRL increases population by 5%, but, how does that equal more income then the Space Program if that gives you +3 happiness?

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That depends on your tax income:

let X=your population

Y= your tax income per person

Z1 = X*(y+3*(your nation's happiness value))

Z2 = 1.05X*Y

Since you have border walls, you can test your happiness value by looking at your tax income per person(important), remove a border wall and check again. The difference/2 is your happiness value.

Which one is greater? If Z1 then go for the space program, if Z2 then NRL. My bet is on NRL.

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NRL... for the 5th time. See ecoli's post for why.

Actually, you should of seen who I was posting it at. ecoli wanted to know how much money I make and how many citizens I have, so he would tell me what would be better to buy.

I can now see the NRL would be better, thanks for your concern on the topic... <_<

Thanks guys for your help. I will go for the NRL as i have calculated that I will get an extra 3000 citizens.


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