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## Top Secret ## Dragonisia Ramps up missile production

Maelstrom Vortex

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Deep within the chambers of Strat Com.. the decision was made to tap the Sovereign wealth fund, with an estimated value of 23 trillion, for 1 trillion to escalate the production of the FAFNIR class ICBM, it would be escalated from 5 a day, to 50 a day.. for the course of 1 year. These weapons would be held in reserves and silos throughout Tasmania and in undersea-silos within 10 miles of shore that were part of Tasmania's underground deep-habitation complex in the continental shelf's shallows..

Anyone wanting to war with the nation, would have to deal with the porcupine of the Pacific.

News of such extreme government spending sent the domestic stock market absolutely through the roof as shares of military-industrial manufacturers went "off the chart". Although no one had a clue what they were buying. They were just getting some REALLY good numbers suddenly from the defense industry.

Petroleum and Chemical prices also doubled, as well as most of the world would notice a sudden jump in global metallurgical materials prices.

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