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TDSM8, the Raging Soul of Invincible Truth, Shall Meld into the Echoes of Victory and Emerge a Beast Unrivaled by even the Roar of God Himself!

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Dear Planet Bob,

We come before you today with a great, wonderful announcement that will surely mark the beginning of a wonderful and brand new world. For the first time in well over a year, another alliance will be allowed to live on the Red Sphere in harmony with its sisters in the New Pacific Order. TDSM8 is looking forward to its new home on red team, and its excited to truly expand its horizons under NPO’s wing. Id like to thank Bilrow for giving us permission in this historic event and New Reverie for giving me the courage to inquire about it:

[02:37am] Stumpy: OH GOD DAMMIT

[02:37am] Stumpy: LISTEN

[02:37am] Stumpy: HeinousOne:

[02:37am] Stumpy: Listen man

[02:37am] HeinousOne: where did grinch go?

[02:37am] Stumpy: I like you, I like the way you do business

[02:37am] Stumpy: if you ever wanna start a red team alliance

[02:37am] Stumpy: you get back to me

[02:37am] Stumpy: and well work something out

[02:38am] Loucifer: ?!?!?!

[02:38am] Stumpy: Cool man?

[02:38am] Stumpy: Loucifer what?

[02:38am] HeinousOne: heh, you are gonna get loucifer to order me blown up

[02:38am] Vulkan|Fark is now known as Vulkan|CC-RA3.

[02:38am] Stumpy: Right

[02:38am] Stumpy: WELL ANYWAY

[02:38am] Sileath|NPO: Have you met his wife?

[02:38am] Sileath|NPO: Lucyfer?

[02:38am] Loucifer: Moldavi Doctrine....

[02:38am] Otter: Wakka wakka.

[02:38am] Stumpy: Whats that Loucifer?

[02:39am] Stumpy: Im new to the game and dont know how things work yet

[02:39am] youwish959 left the chat room. (Quit: )

[02:39am] Stumpy: Id be happy if you filled me in

[02:39am] HeinousOne: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=48438

[02:39am] Sileath|NPO: NPO is the only sanctioned alliance on Red

[02:39am] LOXC[Athens]: whats a moldac doctrine?

[02:39am] Stumpy: I dont understand

[02:39am] Bilrow: [01:39] <Sileath|New Pacific Order> New Pacific Order is the only alliance on Red

[02:39am] Stumpy: Whats this doctrine

[02:39am] Krug left the chat room. (Ping timeout)

[02:39am] Sileath|NPO: a Red Alliance means an alliance with >25 members, where >60% are on Red

[02:39am] Bilrow: Not just sanctioned.

[02:39am] Stumpy: whos Moldavi

[02:39am] Loucifer: Not another poll questioning NPO policy... keerist

[02:39am] Bilrow: Sileath|NPO

[02:39am] Bilrow: you are wrong

[02:39am] Sileath|NPO:

[02:40am] Stumpy: Bilrow who is this Moldavi

[02:40am] HeinousOne: Hey wait...

[02:40am] Bilrow: Ivan Moldavi

[02:40am] HeinousOne: stumpy you only have 21 members

[02:40am] Stumpy: Whos that

[02:40am] Sileath|NPO: Bilrow hates me because I have hair

[02:40am] Bilrow: First Emperor of New Pacific Order

[02:40am] Stumpy: Holy crap seriousl

[02:40am] Londo: wait

[02:40am] Stumpy: I cant do this anymore

[02:40am] Stumpy: I cant

[02:40am] Londo: i didn't know this

[02:40am] Londo: so a 20 man alliance can move to red?

[02:40am] Stumpy: I didnt know there was a Emperor of NPO

[02:40am] Londo: and NPO won't care?

[02:40am] Stumpy: Yes Londo

[02:40am] Bilrow: v[01:40] <Londo> so a 20 man alliance can move to red? <- NO they can't.

[02:40am] Stumpy: thats what Bilrow is say

[02:40am] Stumpy: ing

[02:41am] Koona left the chat room. (Connection reset by peer)

[02:41am] Londo: oh

[02:41am] Londo: ok

[02:41am] Koona joined the chat room.

[02:41am] Koona was promoted to operator by ChanServ.

[02:41am] Koona was promoted to administrator by ChanServ.

[02:41am] Stumpy: Londo, what they are saying is if we have an emperor

[02:41am] Stumpy: we can move to Red

[02:41am] HeinousOne: so that whole less then 25 thing doesnt count?

[02:41am] Londo: just going by what Sileath said

[02:41am] Sileath|NPO: don't go by wut I said

[02:41am] Bilrow: If there are 6 nations and a majority are on red

[02:41am] • Londo actually doesn't know

[02:41am] Bilrow: they get asked to move or attacked

[02:41am] Londo: ahhh

[02:41am] Londo: ok

[02:41am] Stumpy: So

[02:41am] Azaghul[MK] joined the chat room.

[02:41am] Stumpy: what you are saying is

[02:41am] Stumpy: TDSM8 can move to red

[02:41am] Campbell88: DUDE

[02:41am] Bilrow: No

[02:42am] Stumpy: if we have a dude named Ivan

[02:42am] Bilrow: No

[02:42am] Stumpy: wait Im confused

[02:42am] Campbell88: TO THE RED TEAM

[02:42am] Bilrow: New Pacific Order is the only red team alliance per the Moldavi Doctrine.

[02:42am] Stumpy: Whos Moldavi

[02:42am] Campbell88: But

[02:42am] Bilrow: I already told you that.

[02:42am] Bilrow: If you are going to play stupid, you can stop now.

[02:42am] Stumpy: Bilrow man Ive been playing this game

[02:43am] Stumpy: for 3 years

[02:43am] Campbell88: What if officially we're Blue team?

[02:43am] Stumpy: But it was fun

[02:43am] Campbell88: We're just on Red >_>

[02:43am] Frodark|Away is now known as Frodark[NPO].

[02:43am] Stumpy: ^ A great question

[02:43am] Bilrow: I already answered that question.

[02:43am] rafael_nadal-away: i too would like to know

[02:43am] Campbell88: Or what if

[02:43am] Campbell88: We're all color blind and think we're on Yellow or Aqua?

[02:43am] Campbell88: NOT OUR FAULT HONEST

[02:43am] Bilrow set a ban on *!*@coldfront-B61FE61F.hsd1.fl.comcast.net.

[02:43am] Stumpy: thats an OOC attack tbh

[02:43am] Stumpy: Oh dang

[02:44am] Stumpy: well I guess thats that

[02:44am] Campbell88 was kicked from the chat room by Bilrow. (What if kick you for being stupid.)

[02:44am] Triyun left the chat room. (Quit: Triyun)

[02:44am] Stumpy: Bilrow <3

[02:44am] Stumpy: You've been a good sport

[02:44am] Bilrow: LOL

No, Im just kidding, that’s not what this announcement is about at all. The real reason for this announcement is TDSM8 is ceasing its existence tonight after just over a year in the fast lane. There are many reasons for why we are choosing to let go, but the main reasons are pretty clear. They are as follows:

1. Bob_Sanders never loved us enough. If he had been kinder and warmed our hearts like so many others we may have felt that this was worth it. But he didn’t, so its all over.

2. Archon is a terrible ally and none of us really want to go on being in an alliance tied to him. Seriously, MK is the worst.

3. I’m a terrible leader and a worst IC character, seriously, I think me just being the leader is good enough reason.

4. The Grinch isn’t here anymore and that makes me sad.

5. We’ll never be the same caliber alliance as ODN.

6. We are secretly a GOONS cell, noWedge was right all along.

7. Well never have a wit as strong as magicpirate.

On that note Id like to say its been a wild ride. Seriously, TDSM8 has been alive for over a year and I can saw without a doubt that it was the greatest group I have played with in this game.

To my members: Your courage, your strength, and your determination helped us survive against impossible odds twice. I cant thank you enough for your dedication and I have no doubt you will continue to strive in the world.

To CnG and my allies: You have all stood by us through thick and thin. You are all friends and I will miss you dearly, but we are done and our road stops here. I cant thank you enough, I really cant.

To our antagonists in Valhalla: Its been a wild ride and I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to go head to head with in so many ways. You guys, and the others we face, have made this game enjoyable by giving us an opposition. Thanks, I guess? Also, Im sorry we never actually got to fight each other, tis a shame in the Shakespearian way.

To Pansy: Im sorry we never got to sign that MADP. Ill keep trying where ever I end up.

So this will be my last post as the leader of this great alliance. I will definitely miss it, I know that much. But I also know that I don’t regret a single decision I made. TDSM8 stood amongst men as giants and I am not afraid to say I am proud of that. I am proud to have lead you guys, and I am proud to have stood by you in the end. I am proud of my allies and I am proud that my members were ready to stand by them too. Heres one for you TDSM8, you’ll always live on with me.

Signed for TDSM8:

Stumpy, Head Monkey

Wing01, Big Momma

Manonation, Huggles The Rampaging Clown

Orkules, Master of Disaster

Agleos, HiveMind

Zahg, Blood God

Uncle Stalin, Judge Dread

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Sorry to see y'all go, one of my favorite alliances. :(

Hope to still see y'all all around though. :wub:

It must be Mano's will, that the source of his birth should disband, for him to come again at a later time.

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It's been a long, spectacular ride. We had fun, even if Bob Sanders was never there for us like he said he'd be. And seriously Archon, why'd you have to be such a !@#$%* ally?

Anyways, I'll miss us. Been the best alliance I've been in so far, sad to lose it.

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*Tygaland wails over the coffin.

Thanks to Stumpy and TDSM8 for being great allies even through some rough times. I wish all former-TDSM8 members all the best wherever they end up.

\o trashcat

Edited by Tygaland
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This is so totally sad. TDSM8 on red team... I thought you guys were coming to PINK! *sniff* And because you're on red team, the NPO is forcing you to disband! I see how it is!


But seriously, you guys were one of RAD's favorite allies. Hope you all end up in safe homes and continue being awesome in the future. I hope you keep your channel open so the awesomeness can stay alive for at least a few more weeks. :)

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And so it is that I must bid farewell to one of my closest friends and most stalwart allies. TDSM8 has always stood by the Mushroom Kingdom (at times a part of us), and we will always have a special place in our hearts for them. Any and all TDSM8ers are always welcome in our halls, as friends, members, or representatives of alliances lucky enough to have them. You were incredible allies, and a model as to what the spirit of an alliance shall be.

Oh, and it goes without saying that the Mushroom Kingdom, and indeed all of the Complaints and Grievances Union are protecting any and all nations that fly the TDSM8 AA from now unto perpetuity. This protection only goes for those nations who were flying the AA at the time of this announcement. **** with those nations and we will end you.

Farewell, TDSM8.

Edited by TheNeverender
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