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TPF & Zenith Get Even Closer

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The love shared between TPF and Zenith should come as shock to no one. We enjoy each other's company so much that we decided to both chip in and buy a nice, quiet place to spend our summers together. It's a buyer's market right now, so we got a great deal on 518,000 acres of beachfront property, which we like to call Whiteacre...



Article I: Joint Tenancy

The Phoenix Federation and Zenith here by enjoy a joint tenancy in Whiteacre. The joint tenants recognize that disputes may occasionally arise between them but agree to seek arbitration in private rather than take said disputes to court.

Article II: Improvements

The joint tenants agree to work together for the maintenance, upkeep, and prosperity of Whiteacre and to maintain a harmonious environment. To make the upkeep as cost effective as possible, the joint tenants agree to remain in close contact with each other and to give each other notification of other contracts made with other parties that could affect the security of Whiteacre. These contracts include agreements made with other land owners or information gained that could affect a tenant of Whiteacre or one of their allies.

Article III: Quiet Enjoyment

Both joint tenants have a right to quite enjoyment of Whiteacre, and will respect the other’s ownership rights at all times. Further, the joint tenants agree to treat each other thoughtfully and curiously at all times.

Article IV: Marketability

In order to keep title marketable, neither party shall engage in espionage against other alliances as this would render title unmarketable.

Article V: Trespassing

If anyone attempts to trespass on Whiteacre, the joint tenants agree to work together to repel the trespasser. Any trespass committed is a trespass against both tenants. If one tenant feels that they can repel the trespasser alone, that tenant may waive assistance.

Article VI: Adverse Possession

If either of the joint tenants decides to make claim to other properties through adverse possession, the other party shall assist as needed. If assistance is to be requested, at least forty-eight hours notification to the other tenant is required so proper coordination can be arranged.

Article VII: Alienation

Either signatory may divest themselves of their interest in Whiteacre after providing the other joint tenant with at least one-hundred and twenty hours notice.

Signed for The Phoenix Federation,

mhawk, Hard Six Roller

Ayrrie, Phoenix Magistrate

Beernuts, Phoenix Magistrate

Desperado`, Phoenix Magistrate

Slayer99, Phoenix Magistrate

Wingwhiper Jr, Phoenix Magistrate

Great Lakes Union, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Zenith,

Brian Reimer, Executive Triumvir

Duncan King, External Triumvir

Metictype, Internal Triumvir

KujaSin, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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