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Confucianism Lives On

Chancellor Bismarck

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Statement from Capital Square

Thanks to the unique wind currents of our region, the main island of Confucianism itself has been left relatively unaffected by the ongoing nuclear wars. Winds coming down from UFE are sent west before they reach our island, and winds from the Antarctic continually come through to sweep our skies clear. Therefore, I am proud to say that Confucianism lives on through this crisis, though of course not with no effects. There have been many reported birth defects around the island, and a few scattered cases of radiation poisoning, though these are few and far between.

Confucianism trade has been heavily damaged, since we are unable to trade with many nations around the world. Luckily, since we've always been a self-sufficient nation, this does not crush our economy. Our military is still at 100%, as demonstrated by the recent assault on IndoChinese rebels.

More or less, we are pleased to say that our position in the world is a relatively firm one. Our island is mainly unaffected by these petty wars around the world, and we are happy to remain that way. The natives are holding their celebration of Cuuinki Hasha, in honour of their Fallout God. Yes, they have one, some legend about ancient civilizations existing millions of years ago that were very technologically advanced. They make me laugh. Fallout? Hahaha! We've never heard of such a thing!

In other news, we're happy to continue the development of our nation. Using the extensive forests on our island, we have a nearly unlimited supply of fresh air and construction materials to continue development.

We've completed the construction of both our Foreign Complex, dubbed "Confucius' Peace", as well as our Performing Arts Center, both in highlight in this amazing snapshot:


We invite everyone from around the world to Confucianism, to help become the epicenter of peace throughout the world in this troubled time.

To further this, Confucianism recently had an influx of 250,000 new citizens. In order to accomodate our continuing growth, we've decided to attempt an experimental "green" city near the center of the island. Our architects have presented the plans of it, and it looks something like this:


Hopefully, this experiment works very well. It should be very self-sufficient, being able to produce its own water supply, food, and oxygen for the pleasure of its citizens.

And last, but definetly not least, the largest of our building projects is now announced. The Pyramid, named as such because of its feat in engineering. Our greatest minds and construction engineers have come up with the newest design for our massive militar headquarters, The Pyramid. Most of it will be military, with large portions also designated for civilian research to help solve the world's problems. I present to you, The Pyramid (a teeny portion):


And with that, Confucianism retires. Good night, and send your diplomats over! We would like to end this presentation with a gorgeous shot of Confucius International Airport (where your diplomats can soon be arriving):





OOC: Since we don't have to RP major radiation effects, via Mercy's ruling, I won't. However, I have RP'd some minor effects of it.

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