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TUON Disbandment Announcement

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The Union of Nations is officialy spiliting into two seperate alliances. Due to some internal issues we have decided it be best that we part ways and start fresh. The Union Of Nations members will be divided equally between the two new alliances and we will sign a MDAP so we can still be close allys. We have agreed we are not enemys but friends but we just have different views and dont feel comfortable flying the same flag. One alliance is called Eyrie and is already partially formed. The other hasnt been formed yet but I will post up here when we do.

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Didn't this happen yesterday? What happened to TCON?

Can you please give us a detailed list of all the alliances you are currently running or creating or splitting off to?

Okay TCON was just a plot we all had against ech other to split off. None of us knew the other side had the same plan. When we found out we decided it would be better to split evenly into two seperate alliances and scrap TUON completely. One is called Eyrie and thats the Former Vice Admins Henris alliance. Im not sure what mine will be called yet but im working on forming it.

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Well I wish both alliances to be the best.. I would like to offer a little advice , Why don't you guys find a larger alliance , join it ,, learn how the inner government works, try to volunteer for as much stuff as possible , build your own nation up in ns ,, and in a couple of months strike out on your own with a better idea on how to create and run an alliance, It seems like the past 2 or 3 months you have tried this time and again and it just isn't working ..

Of course while you are in another alliance keep your nose clean and do the old "SHUT UP AND LISTEN " method !! This is just an option you and all of your friends need to look at. Either way good luck

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When I said start on red I wanted to sign a protectorate treaty with NPO. Im not sure though. We might just stay multi colored.

A) Being a protectorate of NPO probably doesn't let you be on red, but I don't speak for them.

B ) Again, I don't speak for NPO, but I know they also don't take kindly to discussing those things in public.

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I guess he just ruined his chances

What chances? As if there really were many, lol.

The more the OP posts, the less sense he seems to make. My advice: do what you guys gotta do internally, get a good protector who's been around a while, keep your mouth shut, and listen to what they have to say. It may seem boring for the short term, but the enjoyment you will hopefully get out of a new lease on life, so to speak, may end up benefitting you much more than just posting each time you have internal dialogue with yourself.

Or don't do those things, and just keep on truckin'. It should turn out well.

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