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A Question Regarding CNRP

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It is my understanding that the mods hold the final say over all matters of CNRP, and not the GMs. However, I also understand that CNRPS and CNRPR are not subject to this. If I am wrong, please correct me.

So, if the CN Forum mods are in charge of CNRP, and not the other RPs, then shouldn't CNRP then be "sanctioned" and given its own forum? Or am I missing something here.

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We moderators attempt to stay out of roleplay as much as possible. Unfortunately CNRP formed in a very disorganised way. It is not run by anyone in particular and is a community project. Due to the lack of organised structure we have had to step in, on occasion to ensure fairness and to resolve dispute. We assign GM's and the like because there is no one else to do such.

As roleplays such as CNRPS (now AEGIS I think?) and CNRPR have a structure and management system, those responsibilities fall upon their shoulders. Ultimately all roleplays fall under moderator rule but we have a policy of minimal interference.

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