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Connection issue.


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As of update, or about 10 seconds after, I can't connect to any CN server (CN, CN:TE, Forums etc.)

I can, however, connect via a US-based proxy.

I've reset my router and changed my IP twice, also tried from a different IP (free WiFi), no difference.

CN has something against European IP addresses?

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Plenty of people living in Europe play CN.

I know.

Just a little odd that I couldn't connect for 6 hours with several local IPs, but connected instantly when faking my IP as coming from the US (didn't log in, like to keep my nation and I know proxies are banned, only posted the error on the forum). Not a France Telecom DNS issue as far as I can tell, as I wasn't able to connect to or ping the server's IP from my machine, but again, no problems when using a US based service.

Happening at exactly 0:00 server time suggests it's more likely something CN related than not, traffic management on the server perhaps?

Would be nice to know the issue, if it's likely to repeat and if I can do anything (legal) to avoid it, as being kicked off for 6 hours at update really makes a mess of any war you're trying to fight.

Somewhat confused.

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Eh, I know that we've had some troubles similar to this with our forums (hosted in Europe, I'm in the United States) where Europeans have 100% access but I've been unable to access them.

There might just be some random fluctuations with respect to trans-atlantic data communication, so if it was an isolated incident that's what I'd guesstimate it was :)

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I have had the same issue for a few days now... Sometimes I get an hour access, but I haven't had any luck for 3-4 hours now... <_<

Forums always load OK, game very, very rarely.

I'm in Europe, if that means anything.

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Down again, as of 0:14 server time.

Can't connect to any CN servers (CN, CN:TE, forums, PlanetRealm), but I can connect to 1and1.com.

DNS resolves correctly, but I never receive any data from any of the CN sites.

Posting this via a proxy so that you might be able to investigate the issue while it's occurring.

I'll update from my normal IP once CN is back up.

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Still dropping all my connection attempts.

Partial traceroute below, looks like I'm getting pretty close to the server, but something (firewall, traffic filter?) is dropping my packets.

7:  tengige1-9-1-0.pastr1.Paris.opentransit.net (  52.534ms 
 8:  level3-4.GW.opentransit.net (		 57.300ms asymm  9 
 9:  ae-32-54.ebr2.Paris1.Level3.net (		66.713ms 
10:  ae-2-2.ebr1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net (	  71.146ms asymm 11 
11:  ae-2-2.ebr1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net (	  68.879ms 
12:  ae-72-72.ebr2.Frankfurt1.Level3.net (	 67.739ms asymm 11 
13:  ae-62-62.ebr2.Frankfurt1.Level3.net (	 66.686ms asymm 11 
14:  ae-44-44.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net (   150.916ms asymm 12 
15:  ae-91-91.ebr1.Washington1.Level3.net (  144.965ms asymm 14 
16:  ae-71-71.ebr1.Washington1.Level3.net (  162.384ms asymm 14 
17:  ae-2.ebr3.Atlanta2.Level3.net (		  171.870ms asymm 11 
18:  ae-83-83.csw3.Dallas1.Level3.net (	  192.975ms asymm 13 
19:  ae-83-83.csw3.Dallas1.Level3.net (	  194.479ms asymm 13 
20:  ae-3-89.edge3.Dallas1.Level3.net (	   181.513ms asymm 14 
21:  no reply

I'll give the rest of the trace by email or PM if required.

Still confused.

I'll continue checking during the day and update when I get access back, along with an updated traceroute.

Pretty sure I'm getting as far as the datacentre, just not the last hop or two.

Edit: I can ping twtelecom's router, but not " AS30496 COLO4" (colo4dallas.net), which as far as I'm aware is the datacentre that hosts CN.

5 AS4323 TWTC peer-02 so-0-0-0-0.nycl.twtelecom.net.

6 AS30496 COLO4 unknown.colo4dallas.net

7 AS30496 COLO4 [Reached Destination]cybernations.net.

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Stranger still, now I can connect to the forum, but not the other servers (CN, CN:TE, PlanetRealm).

Route to forum:

 9:  ae-32-56.ebr2.Paris1.Level3.net (		58.905ms asymm  8 
10:  ae-2-2.ebr1.Frankfurt1.Level3.net (	  63.811ms asymm 12 
11:  ae-71-71.csw2.Frankfurt1.Level3.net (	  65.493ms 
12:  ae-82-82.ebr2.Frankfurt1.Level3.net (	 64.291ms 
13:  ae-44-44.ebr2.Washington1.Level3.net (   353.071ms asymm 12 
14:  ae-72-72.csw2.Washington1.Level3.net (  309.251ms asymm 13 
15:  ae-61-61.ebr1.Washington1.Level3.net (  306.097ms asymm 14 
16:  ae-2.ebr3.Atlanta2.Level3.net (		  159.061ms asymm 10 
17:  ae-7.ebr3.Dallas1.Level3.net (		   186.220ms asymm 13 
18:  ae-83-83.csw3.Dallas1.Level3.net (	  182.589ms asymm 12 
19:  ae-82-82.ebr2.Dallas1.Level3.net (	  186.010ms asymm 13 
20:  ae-5-5.car1.KansasCity1.Level3.net (	189.084ms asymm 14 
21:  11-INTERNET.car1.KansasCity1.Level3.net ( 194.950ms asymm 15 
22:  te-2-3.bb-b.ms.mkc.us.oneandone.net (	192.354ms asymm 16 
23:  te-2-4.bb-b.slr.lxa.us.oneandone.net (   191.242ms asymm 17 
24:  te-1-1.gw-distp-b.slr.lxa.oneandone.net ( 192.052ms asymm 18 
25:  ae-1.gw-prtr-r5-b.slr.lxa.oneandone.net ( 192.209ms asymm 19 
26:  u15309394.onlinehome-server.com (	   191.035ms reached
	 Resume: pmtu 1492 hops 26 back 45

Trying to connect to cybernations.net still fails at "Dallas1.Level3.net"

Edit: If nothing else, could someone please give me the addresses for CN and CN:TE so I don't have to go through cybernations.net (e.g. u15309394.onlinehome-server.com is forums.cybernations.net), see if that makes any difference.

Edit 2: Connection's back as of 09:23 server time.

Still confused.

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It must be a DNS server somewhere between your ISP and the game causing the problem.

You may try a proxy if you know how to use one and see if you can access the game that way.

If you know how to perform a tracert to www.cybernations.net please do so and post your logs.

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