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New construction plans to meet the world situation


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:List of construction projects in Dranagg:

Projects listed with a * are on rushed status, and must be finished ASAP

Projects listed with a ^ are new projects being created in place of the new world events.

*Geothermal plant: All available resources are to be used at maximum possible spead on the underground power plant.

* Remaining hydroponics farms: 6 farms remain to be finished of the originally planned 10. All resources that cannot be shifted to the geothermal plant construction are to be sent to this construction project.

^* 20 additional hydroponics farms: Addition to the previous hydroponics farm project.

^ Increased Port space: 3 new ramps, large volume of modular buildings, Quadrupling of shipyard rate

^ 5 additional factories for the production of such things as: winter garments, small machine engines, large machine engines, modular homes, ship componants

^ Increased pace of the Dranaggan tunnel project: Expansion of tunnels into the pre-selected areas. Goal of entire population being protected not yet reached.

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As another nation already has an 'ark' project underway, for animals, Dranagg is starting up a similar project, but with endangered plants. A collection of living and seed form plants is to be collected and placed into Hydroponic dome beta. Ships are being outfitted for the carrying of large trees and bushes, for direct transplantation into the farm, and a filling system for the numerous seed collections that are going to be gathered as soon as humanly possible by Dranaggan's already abroad in several nations.

Any donations of plants and seeds is encouraged and welcome. However, remember to adequately protect them. Trees are usually fine if you can keep the roots from freezing or send seeds.

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