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[AEGIS]Garura factbook


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Nation name: (Tribe of) Garura

Government type: tribal

Demonym: Garuran (singular), Garurans (plural)

Population: 500,000 civilians (out of 12 million max going by the 400 multiplier)

Capital: Garura

Largest city: Garura (pop. 40,000)


15,000 warriors armed with muskets, flintlock pistols, hand-to-hand weapons

800 horses (out of 2588...um...tanks?)

20,000 slave skirmishers, armed with hand-to-hand weapons and bows (total 35k soldiers out of max 150-250k going by the 10 multiplier. Soldiers are added to the civilian population, making for 535k total)


Species/races: All human, many races due to assimilated tribes

Languages: English and Old Garuran. English is the common language, Old Garuran is a "holy language" spoken by the shamans. It was the common language in historic times.

Religion: Complex system of natural deities (fire, water, etc.) and several other deities, changed often to suit the needs of the shamans.

Diet: Omnivorous, prefer meat, they are also cannibals.


Head of state: Great Chief, currently Neville Chamberlain

Head of government: de jure Great Chief, de facto shamans (especially Gurus)

The position of Great Chief can, in theory, be attained by any member of the tribe. They must challenge the reigning Great Chief to mortal combat, which must first be approved by a Guru. The Great Chief leads his or her people to war, protects the tribe from danger, and is the tribe's representative in peaceful contact with foreigners.

Below the Great Chief are the chieftains, capable warriors who govern the provinces, or "domains" of the tribe, which are groups of villages or towns. They double as generals in times of war. Below these are the chiefs: clan leaders and leaders of villages.

The shamans are the religious leaders of the Garura, and actually are the real leaders, as they are the ones who interpret messages from the heavens and advise the Great Chief. Each village has a shaman that interprets small things such as how the next hunt will go and such. At the top are the three Gurus, the religious leaders and advisors to the Great Chief. They are the Gurus of Life, Reason, and Time.

Guru of Life: allocates food stores, oversees farming, livestock, makes sure the slaves are pacified, handles captives in war, predicts weather patterns. The current Guru of Life is Jack Johnson.

Guru of Reason: predicts the outcome of battles, oversees the manufacture and distrubution of arms, directs construction, advises the Great Chief in military and diplomatic matters. The current Guru of Reason is John Jackson.

Guru of Time: The most important Guru and perhaps the most important man in the tribe is the Guru of Time. He is the final authority on the interpretation of omens, signs, and the like and can change the will of the people very easily because his word is the law. He is thought to be the most in tune with the gods. He spends most of his time in the great temple in the capital, listening to the complaints of the people and solving their problems, or teaching other shamans the stories of the Garura as he is the chief historian and religious figure. When he retires for the night at sundown, he will pore over the holy texts (which only shamans are allowed to see the entirety of) and will often rewrite portions of it to suit the tribe's situation at that time. The current Guru of Time is Michael Jackson.


Currency: barter, but gemstones and other minerals are used as currency on occasion

The Garura's economy relies mostly on mining, agriculture, and slaving. Most of the wealth goes toward the Great Chief, the shamans, and the most capable warriors, and the commoners are given the remainder. Much of the populace works in agriculture or weapon-making. The ones who work in agriculture are allowed to keep a portion of their product as payment, while the manufacturing laborers are paid in food in addition to their meager ration.

OOC: None of the people who are named after real people look like their real-life counterparts. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

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