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Memo to Promised land.

Maelstrom Vortex

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"You gave us this land, and you're entitled to the protection it can afford if things get rough. Let us know if you need to take shelter here."

***Classified reply.***

"We thank you for the offer. Though we will shortly have a way to produce our own food regardless of radiation, our citizens will not have the same basic benefit. how many will you be able to take?"

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## Private response##

Right now we can sustain 1000 additional civilians and are accommodating 250 more per day at our current rates of excavation, but the dwellings will not be lavish. Recommend bringing sleeping bags and some basic needs items.

***Classified reply***

Thank you. We will begin preparations for evacuation of any areas that may be hit hard, but for now they will stay put. We don;t want to cause an unnecessary panic.

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