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GLS economy, goes into the drain...


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The GLS economy slammed into the worst depression it have ever seen, a 60% unemployment. The flu epidemic wreaked the economy due to lock downs, blockades, and panics. Worse, neighboring nations burned nearly 80% of GLS infrastructure into piles of rubble to stop the flu viruses, and they refused to help GLS repair the infrastructure, which killed the economy. The GLS government estimated it will take nearly $500 to $600 billion to repair all of the infrastructure. The GLS government is in a $40 billion debt from attempting to upgrade it's infrastructure but then the flu virus hit. Nearly 80% of the nation is without power supply, and nearly 70% of the nation is without any clean water supplies.

Due to all of the current problems, the government is unable to get the waterway canal locks in the Great Lakes functioning, and that will end up stopping all of the ship traffics in the Great Lakes. Citizens have been protesting, and rioting from being angered of the government failure of stopping other nations from roasting large parts of GLS. The government feared that another disease epidemic or a civil war could spark. People are unable to get medical assistance since many of the hospitals and clinics are filled with dead bodies from the flu epidemic.

OOC: Corresponding to this: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?s...40&start=40

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