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Imperial Union in Anarchy

Vault 32, Sanc City - Following the recent Nuclear Attacks launched by the Imperial Union the population already grew unstable however after the recent Nuclear Attack by Germany on Hansa and lack of Government to take action against the Germans these unstable situation have caused a full scale Rebellion with millions of citizens leaving their shelters to take over control over the Surface. As a response the Viceroy has declared a State of Emergency and ordered the complete Armed Forces including Air Force to kill everyone who has a weapon how small it may be. It is unclear if the Military Command will accept these Orders or even continue the War as stated by the Viceroy


All Forces recalled

Sanc City - Following the Anarchy on the surface and danger of retalliation all Military has returned to their bases awaiting further Orders when asked to comment why no one within the Military Command not even the Viceroy answered only stating that it was required for the National Security.

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