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Vaule holds snap Legislative Election

Imperator Azenquor

Vaule's Legislative Election  

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VNN Breaking News: Vaule holds snap legislative election


-President Rokossovsky at a Socialist Party rally in Novaya Zemlya


-Imperatrix Marimeya at a press conference shortly after the dissolution of Parliament

After almost a month of political deadlock that resulted in President Rokossovsky suspending the Parliament to hinder a Nationalist led vote of no confidence, the President has elected to dissolve Parliament and hold a snap election. Political analysts believe that the President is forcing the Parliament to face the electorate before they begin attempts to topple him.

“It is simple, the MPs who voted to proceed with impeachment will now have to face the electorate. There is no doubt that the President hopes that the electorate will remove some of the MPs who pushed for the Impeachment motion. However it is also possible that the election will return a strong Nationalist majority that will further undermine the President”-Political Analyst

Our VNN election analysts have broken down the issues and the political parties.

Nationalist Party – Originally the Nationalist Party had only a marginal influence on Vaule Politics. However the rise of Dmitri Ivanov as party leader has seen an increase in the party’s base as well as its influence. The nationalists have been known to favor the ‘Vaule first, region second’ approach, evidenced by their skepticism of Vaule’s entry into the RUSSIAN pact. The party is also popular for their uncompromising position on the Outer Mongolian conflict. Party Leader Ivanov has stressed in the Nationalist Party manifesto that:

‘there cannot and will not be an independent state in the Outer Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous province. Any unilateral action by any entity, internal or external forces in Vaule, with the aim of achieving such a state, shall be swiftly dealt with using any means (including military force)’

Socialist Party- The Party of President Rokossovsky, that currently holds a slim majority in the Legislature. The Party has been relatively popular in Vaule, but is facing a minor split over how to handle the economic crisis. The Socialist Party is credited with reforming Vaule’s Healthcare system, infrastructure and military institutions and making the transition from a command to a partial market economy. The party is also credited with the creation of Vaule’s National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) and the State Subsidized Housing program (SSHP). The Party’s Outer Mongolian policy is best described by their manifesto statement:

‘There cannot, and will not be an independent state in Outer Mongolia without the approval of all Vaulians living in the region, and unless the views of those who wish not to join such a state will be heard and respected’

Democratic Party- This party has only once held the reins of power in Parliament. The party is known for being strict on government spending, and frequently pushes for more reforms to make Vaule a full market economy. The party has pushed aggressively for the curtailing of certain social programs due to the economic crisis.

Republican Party- This party has significantly declined in influence since the rise of Maria Gaznayev to the leadership. Analysts say that the party ‘just refuses to stay dead’. The party has attempted to appeal to an Orthodox populace by attempting to present themselves as the ‘moral, religious alternative to the socialists’. They are not expected to be able to hold any of their three legislative seats, short of a divine intervention.

Libertarian Party-Led by Dr. Aleksandar Izetbegović, the party is known for moderate foreign and domestic policies, and for strong support of human rights and civil liberties of all citizens. The libertarian party favors a negotiated settlement to the Outer Mongolian conflict that is approved by both sides.

Communist Party- The communists, led by Georgy Zhuganov will be contesting the election for the first time since the ban on the party was lifted. Dr. Zhuganov has presented an ambitious proposal to combat the economic crisis by increasing taxes on certain businesses, adjusting the law so that NHIP and SSHP eligibility will include more workers. Dr. Zhuganov has also proposed to increase in the strength of unions, and to lift the national ban on strikes in certain industries.

Other Parties that failed to make the signature registration requirements under the Political Parties act:

-Vaule Francoist Initiative (VFI)

-Vaule Outer Mongolian Sovereignty Party (VOMS)

-Vaule Anti-RUSSIAN Movement (VARM)

-Vaule Union of True Democrats (VUTD)

-Movement for the end of the One Party state (MOP)

-Movement for the Emancipation of the Westingrad region(MEOW)

Given the timing of the election, it is unclear which of the larger parties will gain a large enough majority to dominate the Legislature, or if it will be necessary to have a coalition government. Polling stations across Vaule have already opened for early voting, and the general voting is set to begin shortly. VNN will post precinct by precinct results as they are obtained.

While there isn't enough time to have a political debate with all of the parties contesting the election, the Nationalist, Socialist, and Libertarian candidates, have made themselves available for a press conference via satellite.

***news credits***

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