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Gatherum blinked his eyes open when he felt, in his sleep, a sudden, rather chilling breeze blow across his face, and through his hair that ran only shoulder-length. But he was not immediately responsive, opting to lie there for a few minutes; expressionless, save for his mouth, which was open not more than a centimeter wide. Blinking again, his yellow-green eyes widened, as if to be awakened instantly from a long trance, raising himself up quickly, his eyes shooting in every which direction in utmost confusion. His heartbeat quickened but a mere moment, and in the next instant, slowed to its natural pace. Exhaling, he arose to his feet.

The ground was firm; he was standing on stone, though such a fact was not quite apparent to him at first, for a few moments passed before his eyes adjusted accordingly. There wasn't, however, much to see. The stone jutted out like an arrowhead in the form of a cliff overlooking a grassy landscape composed of rolling hills and the occasional tree, something he only made out thanks to the fact that the majority of it was on fire. The trees formed minature towers of hell that reflected in his eyes, closed ever so slightly due to the heat that he could feel even from this distance. Oddly enough, the stone was moist, and so was his clothing. Had it rained...?

He turned around and and saw complete nothingness. The cliff jutted ten, perhaps eleven feet out of an empty cosmos the likes of which perplexed him. Before he could contemplate as to where he was, he noticed that he was holding a crumpled piece of paper in his right hand. He carefully straightened it out, curious as to its contents, only to find a single word on it, in all capital letters.


He stared at it for a few moments, before the breeze came again, taking the paper with it, Gatherum's eyes following it quizzically as it descended into the flames, which, much to his utter surprise and lack of observation before, coalesced into the shape of a 'V' encased within a circle. After a couple of seconds, he chuckled with a smile, as if remembering something obvious that had somehow eluded him before. Slowly, smile never leaving his lips, he turned and strolled into the cosmos.

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