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We here in New Cymru recognise the plight of the Hanseatic League, and sympathise with their situation. However, words can not begin to describe the suffering these people have experienced, nor the honour that lead to such an atrocity. As such, we offer them salvation and asylum.

We have set aside land for the people of The Hansa and their government. Should any citizen of the Hanseatic league wish, they may settle here permanently. Also, if a governing body for these people comes forth, they shall be given that right of self governance.

When you are ready, people of Hansa, you may come forth. Even now aircraft are flying to your home to aid in any necessary evacuation. When you are ready, we have set aside a new home for you.


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Deep within a Prussian bunker Lady Sarah Tintagyl, Prime Minister of the Former Hanseatic Republic sat alone. Her government had been destroyed, her people were refugees and all she commanded personally was a group of Camberlainers who had pledged to defend her unto death. She had no command of her army, nor of the people in Helsinki and had been reduced to a shadow of her former self. As she sat in silence the echoes of boots tramping down the stone staircase filled the room and distracted her away from her thoughts. A Cambric marine walked in and saluted.

"Ladyship, we have received a message that you might find extremely interesting." He approached and laid a letter on the table.

Inside the envelope was a map along with a letter from the head of state from New Cymru. Sarah read through the note and looked back up at the marine with her darkened eyes flashing with a light that had been missing for ages. "A homeland, they are offering us a homeland in Australia, they are even preparing to help transport our refugees there."

"Miliady, are we going to abandon Helsinki?"

Sarah sighed and turned her head. "Lieutenant, your people have wandered the world for ages. The Camberlainers are without a doubt some of the strongest people that I have ever met, but I do not believe my people have the same strength, we need a homeland and so do you. But Europe, Europe my home, no longer feels like a home. The world is plunging as we speak into a chaos that we have never seen the like of and we need to find a safe haven, at least for awhile. Maybe, Lieutenant, maybe one day we will return to Finland, but not now, now we will go where there is safety. Maybe after we arrive, a new leader can take over the Hansa."

The Cambric officer was taken aback. "No, your Ladyship, you cannot give up the reigns of leadership because of this. The fact that you are still strong is more than anyone can ask of you. Lady Tintagyl, if I may address you as such. You are the face of the Hansa and many believe the voice of reason in the entire world. If I may speak freely, I think you are the only one that is fit to let the Hansa that you should never leave power, you lead with wisdom."

Sarah nodded. "Thank you Lieutenant, thank you for the compliment. But if you could excuse me for a moment, I want to be alone." The officer saluted and exited the room as Sarah turned back to the map of Australia. She would accept the gift from New Cymru and beginning the necessary preparations to bring her people back under her care. Hansa would not be a nation of refugees and the world was to remember her again, she would not disappear into the annals of history when so much work was still left undone.

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Procinctian Counterproposal

Procinctia currently holds the rights to many of the islands in the Bering Sea, we would be more than willing to relinquish St. Lawrence Island, or the entirety of any of the Aleutian Island chains (excluding the Rat Islands).

It may not be the most desirable territory, but it will be lacking severe levels of radioactive fallout that will soon likely plague much of the world.

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FLASH Notice to All Federacion Iberiana Military Forces

All units currently deployed to theaters of war are hereby ordered to STAND DOWN. The Fuerza Paracaista force presently deployed in support of Hanseatic forces is hereby ordered to offer DEFENSIVE SUPPORT ONLY as the Hanseatic Republic begins to emigrate to its new territory. ALL other forces are hereby ordered to return to Iberian territory. Rules of engagement are YELLOW - WEAPONS HOLD for all forces. By order of the President.

Breaking News - Federacion Iberiana Channel 7

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am pleased, and God only knows how relieved, to appear before you tonight as the President of a nation... at peace.

Our forces are still deployed, and they are still in an active war zone. Let that be perfectly clear. However, they are returning to our territory. There is a small force on continued deployment, but I shall arrive there shortly.

Our reason for war, our casus belli, was in support of two nations, Gebiv and Hansa. Gebiv presently holds the initiative in this war, and support for their cause is growing ever stronger. Hansa, however, has suffered a great indignity: The capital of Helsinki has been destroyed by a thermonuclear weapon. There is hope, however.

There will arise a new Hansa, far removed in space from the original, but near indeed in spirit. It is to this destination that the Hanseatic forces are now being transported, and it is with these forces that the Fuerza Paracaista is deployed in continued support thereof.

So we are at peace. Our forces, and our nation, will defend ourselves if attacked, but we will not launch another offensive. To those against whom we were at war, we offer an end to that struggle. To our allies in this fight, we offer our continued support in rebuilding and recovery. To those we have lost, we offer our unceasing prayers.

Rest easy, my people. The night is passing, and a new dawn comes. Viva la Federacion.

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