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Gebiv and the Nuclear Holocaust

Kaiser Martens

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An unlikely meeting was held under the Vatican, in the Papal Bunkers.


A meeting between the Pope, several Cardinals, and the leading Triumvirate of the Nordlandic Heathen Association.

"...Maybe we have stood in opposition to each other for too long. In the end although we have fought for Millenia...we may very well end up meeting the end of our days due to non-religious causes. Be this Ragnarök or Apocalypse." The Pope spoke.

A Nordlander answered, "I agree. Perhaps if we had focused on outer threats rather than infight we would be in a better position now. But let us show the world that we have at least learned something from all of this...it is

incredible. Martensheim and Roma have survived so far. Is this a signal from our Gods? We will see. We thank you for your time."

Later that day, a transmission would be made from that location, from the Pope and the Nordlanders. What it would boil

down to essentially was the following:

-The Heathens and the Catholic Christians accept from this point onwards the legitimacy of both Religions

-The Catholic Christians apologize for the Forced Christianization of the Germanic and Slavic peoples

-Both Parties recognize the freedom of Religion, including Atheism and Agnosticism

-Both Parties recognize that the values of both religions are ultimately rooted from an Indo-European source

-Both Parties condemn the German and Dutch Government for starting the war, but specifically do not condemn the German

People, but rather support them

-Both Parties offer themselves as negotiatiors in Peace talks, if they ever happen

May The Aesir And The Christ Protect Us All

Above ground, preparations have been finished. All Art Values were preserved, put underground in bunkers in different cities and sections, and throughout Italy, the vast majority of the population was within a network of similar Bunkers, the meek fearing the upcoming Nuclear Events.

The ones who were not protected by the bunkers were many, and scattered. Almost all of the Gebivian Army remained operational, as did the Government, but very tight measures had to been enacted to prevent any rioting. There were good food supplies, but just the psychological effects of the war even if people were fed were devastating, without mentioning those who DID get nuked.

Assembled from both very high numbers of Militia and also the Regular Army and Reservists, were two fortification lines protecting the Italian Peninsula proper the Wodan Line and the Jahweh Line, protected by a mix of Nordlanders and Gebivians proper, yet scattered enough not to be all wiped out in nuclear attacks, in smaller fortifications. In reality it wasn't a line proper, since it was not continuous, but in depth defense and mountains allowed for effective defence of the terrain even upon usage of WMDs, granted by mobility. This mobility was granted by all the Military Vehicles, but also Civilian Vehicles being used improvisedly.

People sat in their trenches, in their bunkers and waited. Some prayed, some simply stared forwards, by then all had been issued with Radiation Protection Suits, but any bullets or cuts would undo the protection. So the protection was in reality only symbollic. Then again, there was no radiation there then. It seemed like World War One, only that No Man's Land lasted for kilometers, and kilometers. It truly was dead, even the animals had fled and been quiet. People knew that until things were resolved soon, the entirety of the world would be dead...with grim resolve they gripped their weapons, knee deep in determination and trouble...

The same grim air was breathed in Mannelig's Bunker.


"...I already saw Nordland fall. I was not going to have this country fall too without a fight. And we couldn't win this otherwise..."

An officer shakes his head. "Chances are nobody will win...but"

Mannelig interrupts, "We couldn't let them win and enslave our people and sully our honor and culture. We're all better off dead than bending to the will of the Chinese and the German and Dutch Government. If just a handful of our people survive, but are free, it will be better than all to be safe and dead. They weren't just happy with killing Nordland, they had to go after us too. Well. They will regret it..."

The officer sighs and nods. "I suppose that you're right. I wish Nukes hadn't been ever invented. Odin willing, some of our survivors will carry on our way of life..."

Mannelig nods. "Some will survive. Indeed. Maybe the enemy will learn not to poke the madman with the knife. It's like they bloody did this in purpose before I had time to declare our Isolation. The norns have decided either way. We will not be the ones to give in. If the Soviets are any smart they'll listen to our Ultimatum. I can't believe Martensheim and Rome held. Go and give the SDI crews Iron Cross First Class."



Rain began in many territories, radioactive rain. Animals were dying. It seemed like the world had stopped, suddenly no sounds nor music anywhere. Somewhere Martens sighed and said...

"Is this our destiny.... Herrgott Wodan... you have sent the Valkyries...to choose all of us, the whole world? Do spare some...eternity is a long time...but did I have any choice? If I had fought as Nordland...it'd be the same, only worse."



Captured German troops being made to see the destruction they cause before sent to POW camps.

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"It is unfortunate that a nuclear holocaust and the threat of apocalypse was required for the religions to set aside their differences," said an unnamed Arctican government official.

The Catholic Church of Arctica agrees interfaith cooperation is needed to get through these dark times, but maintains that Pope Bubba XIII is the one true pontiff.

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We have no doubt His Holiness had a gun to his head when he agreed to such an agreement.

ooc: thanks KM I was looking for the pic of the nuke exploding for a long time now. Im gonna make it my background.

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The Azerbaijani Republic expresses some skepticism. Agreements in europe never laster long enough to prevent war from raging the whole continent. Indeed the German state should be abolished and the geographical area administrated by the 4 major countries in the area such the organized Welsh Empire, Gebiv and Slavorussia. Provoking a world war for the second time ain't a coincidence.

Religion has little or no role in the failure of European cooperation and partnership.

Edited by President Aliyev
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