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United Dixie completes Manhattan Project


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"... So call today to receive your Snuggie for just 11 easy payments of $19.95!"

"You're watching Alabama basketball on United Dixie News Network. Now back to Tom Roberts in Tuscaloosa."

"Welcome back to Coleman Coliseum, and if you just tuned in, you've missed a real treat. Alabama fell behind Kentucky early and trailed for most of the game, but a late 13-0 run by the Tide has them back in striking distance. And it looks like we're ready to get underway. Four seconds left on the game clock, shot clock is off. 'Bama down by two. Andrew Steele inbounds to Gee, he's wide open! The three at the buzzer for the win..."


"Hello, I'm Jerome Freeman, and this is a UDNN Breaking News Update. We have just received word that a top secret project has been completed at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. No specifics are known at this time, but General Herschel is holding a press conference where he is expected to reveal the details of what is being termed the "Manhattan Project." We now take you live to Huntsville."

*The legendary General stands on a podium with the symbol of the Dixian Armed Forces on the front of it. Behind him stand a mixture of military brass, scientists, and government officials.*

"My fellow Dixians, today is a great day for our nation. Here at the Redstone Arsenal, a great project has been completed. Code-named the Manhattan Project, it has engineered the technology needed to make United Dixie a nuclear power. Since the project was completed, four nuclear missiles have been prepared and stored in silos across United Dixie. The existence of these weapons will help to secure our nation's status as a military force to be reckoned with. In addition to the four operational weapons, 16 more are currently on the drawing board. I will now take questions from the media..."

"You heard it here on UDNN first! United Dixie has built its first nuclear weapons. And already, rumors are beginning to circulate that a new to-secret project has been initiated by the government, although whether it is military or economical in nature remains unknown."


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