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Lets Drill!

jutopia la

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Midday in the presidents office

The president is talking with some of his advisers

"So have the orders been sent out?"

"Yes sir, they should have started construction today."

"Excellent. Do you know an estimated time of completion?"

"We are not sure yet, but we have plenty of workers, it should get done rather quickly."

"Great. This resource, oil, is a valuable one and I'd like for it to be utilized as quick as possible. The long term benefits of this will be substantial."

"Yes sir. At the moment we are constructing these wells in the 10 places where the resource is the most abundant. We will expand from there."

The same time at one of the construction sites

A worker stared at the schematics for the well. He'd never seen anything like it. He'd only been told the wonders of what they were getting from them. He was very excited to be a part of it. It would be a big project though. But well worth it.

"Alright men! Get to work!"

The workers gathered their tools and began constructing

OOC: Woo! Getting oil!

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A worker manning the radio heard a bunch of hisses and other noises on it. At first he thought it was static, but then he decided it was a sophisticated language of some sort. He called his boss over who listened to the noises.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" He said into the radio. Then he spoke to the worker. "Call the president. Tell him umm.... to get someone that might be able to decipher this!"

"Right away."

He ran to a nearby radio. This one was connected to the presidents office.


"Hello. Is there a problem?"

"Well... you see.... our radio. Its picking something up."

"Whats it say?"

"We.... we don't know. We think it might be from another civilization on this planet."

"From the World that Never Was?"

"No. It's not their language. Do you think you could send someone over?"


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