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Journey into the Belly of the Beast: Requiem


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They had found nothing. They had accomplished what lab research could never do. They were thought of as heroes, but they did not know, until they finally came out.

Lieutenant Bergland walked into the Akershus Festning, his left arm in a sling and a huge gash across his face. He walked up to the front desk with the kind of walk that a beaten and battered war hero had. "Overjøsk Betrakte, please," he said in a raspy voice.

"Mr. Betrakte has been out of the office for months now, Kansler Mikkelson is the current head of state, what is your business?"

"I am Lieutenant Thom Bergland the only remaining leader of the Underground cities project. I want to see someone. What about Staatsminister Nordstrøm?"

"Can I see some identification?"

The lieutenant put a handful of polaroids of the cities down onto the desk. She gasped. "Is that enough?"


"So," Alve said, "What happened to the captain?"

"Some little mouse robot thing with a gun on it got him in the chest."

"Dr. Komeil? The VIPs?"

"Komeil is currently alive, recovering from a stomach wound in the hospital."

"Well, what did you find?"

Bergland put a large binder on the table full of pictures and reports. It was covered in blood, dust, and burn marks. The two discussed the information for a few hours.

"I think we could be able to build one of these cities underneath every major city in Norsvea in a year. In the event of a major nuclear attack, they could carry about 2000 people each. Two ventilation systems, much like the ones we entered, could be used as an evacuation and ventilation system, but more hidden than the Ubersteinian ones. This would also allow us to research geothermal energy better."

"Well, let's get started."


Oslo, Stockholm, Malmo, Bergen, Trondheim, Ostersund, and Gotburg would be the cities to recieve these underground cities. These cities would be connected by communication lines between the cities, and eventually subway systems.

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