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Gran Colombia Nuevo Factbook

jutopia la

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Nation Name: Gran Colombia Nuevo

Flag: co_1822g.gif

Capital: Bogota

Government Type: Democratic Republic



Green - Panama

Yellow - Ecuador

Blue - Colombia

Red - Venezuela


Language: Español (Spanish)

Population: 90 million

GDP: 3,464,6615,352,000

Currency: US dollar

Govt Spending As Percentage of GDP (Excluding Defense): 25.7%

Defense Spending As Percentage of GDP: 4.3%

Energy Distribution: 8% nuclear, 34% hydro, 23% solar, 10% other renewable, 18% oil, 7% natural gas, 1% coal

Major Industries: Oil , Car Manufacturing, Robotics, Mining

Major Companies:

Gran Petroleo: This company is the largest oil company in Gran Colombia Nuevo. It's centered in Caracas, Venezuela, and most of its wells are located in Venezuela.

Auto Colombia: A major car manufacturing company in Gran Colombia. Readily able to switch part of its factories to arms manufacturing if necessary in times of conflict.

Corporación Robotica: A major robotics company which supplies robotics for homes and for the army

Minería Compañía: A mining company which specializes in the attainment of the various natural metals of its land including iron, aluminum, emerald, gold, copper, and silver.


-The Executive Power of the Republic will be vested on the President and in case of his defect a Vice President and his replacement will be appointed interimly by the acting Congress.

-Gran Colombia will be divided into four great departments, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama. The capitals of these departments will be the cities of Caracas, Quito, Bogotá, and Ciudad Panama.

-Each department will have a superior administration and a chief, elected by the citizens, with the title of Vice President

-The government shall consist of a bicameral legislature elected by popular demand of the 4 departments

-There will be 5 supreme court magistrates appointed by the president and approved by the legislature

Suffrage: Anyone over the age of 18 has the right to vote as long as he/she is a citizen.

Standing government:

President: Juan Vásquez (Progressive Party)

Vice-President(Colombia): Simon Lopez (Progressive Party)

Vice-President(Venezuela): Jorge Reyes (Conservative Party)

Vice-President(Ecuador): Angelina Bolivar (Progressive Party)

Vice-President(Panama): Francisco Degaray (Conservative Party)

.:Military Status:.

Airforce: 105 Aircraft Squadrons

Soldiers: 700k

Armor: 7500

Navy: 61 vessels

Nuclear Weapons: A number of subs, silos, and squadrons that adds to 20.


1819 - Simón Bolívar, the Liberator of Spanish South America, and other revolutionaries in the First Venezuelan Republic occasionally used the term Colombia as a reference to all of Spanish America, until the proclamation of a republic under that name in 1819 at the Congress of Angostura.

1821 - The constitution of the new republic was drafted in 1821 at the Congress of Cúcuta, establishing its capital in Bogotá. A great degree of centralization was established there, since several convinced federalists now came to believe that it would be necessary in order to better manage a unified war effort, at least for the time being.

1828 - The Gran Colombia-Peru War begins.

1829 - The Gran Colombia-Peru War Ends.

1831 - The federation was formally abolished in 1831, as Venezuela, Ecuador and New Granada came to exist as independent states.

1858 - The Grandine confederation is formed as a breakup of states in New Grenada.

1863 - The Grandine Confederation dissolves and forms Colombia. Panama remains its own state.

1899 - The thousand days war begins as a civil war in Colombia.

1902 - The thousand days war ends. Colombia is severely weakened.

1903 - Colombia and Venezuela form the South American Union placing Colombia under Venezuelan leadership.

1915 - Ecuador joins the south American Union, which becomes Gran Colombia Nuevo, a new sovereign state.

1921- Ricardo Lusha, president, takes advantage of post WWI woes and passes economic reforms which allow Gran Colombia to see a huge economic boost.

1928 - Gran Colombia Nuevo invades Panama.

1929 - The Gran Colombia Nuevo-Panama war ends. Panama becomes a part of Gran Colombia Nuevo.

1930 - The Panama Canal is constructed.

1940 - Rumors flood Gran Colombia that it will join WWII. It announces its neutrality.

1956 - The vice-presidential issue. After the president dies from a heart attack, the new chosen president, Jose Cardenas, is severely unpopular. The entire constitution is threatened. Rebels in Panama threaten with secession.

1958 - Economic prosperity. Confidence in the government reaches an all time high and talks of rebellion die down

1965 - Gran Colombia Nuevo turns 50. Biggest nationwide celebration.

more later

When the first Gran Colombia was formed, it was formed in order to create peace and stability in a united South America. Gran Colombia Nuevo also strives for such in South America.

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[incoming Military Facts]



The M16


The M4


The M24


The M249



The Merkava


The M2 Bradley





M109 Howitzer

.:Air Force:.


The F22

Squadrons: 30


The F35

Squadrons: 30


The F15 E Strike Eagle

Squadrons: 30


The B2a Spirit

Squadrons: 5


The B1b Lancer

Squadrons: 10


The AH64d Apache Longbow

others in a bit


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